Selaginella bryopteris (L.) Baker;







Flora of Madhya Pradesh: Selaginella sp from Forest area Narsinghpur (MP):  

Selaginella sp from Forest area Narsinghpur (MP)
Hope this is Selaginella rupestris called as resurrection plant. In North Indian this plant is sold as “Sanjivani buti” because this turns into green fresh plant even after year of dryness when kept in water. In Narsinghpur forest this was in huge amount growing in open slopes just as carpet of grass. In last picture of ground . All green grass like appearance is Selaginella.

I have known from various sources that Sanjivani is most likely Selaginella bryopteris. It is often sold in Chandni Chowk in Delhi. It would be interesting to know name of the above plant.

Here is the interesting article on Sanjivani.
Thanks for the inputs Sir. I think this is same as sold in Chandni chowk.



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