Ligularia jacquemontiana (Decne.) M.A.Rau, High Alt. Fl. Pl. W. Himalaya 134 134 1975. (syn: Senecillis jacquemontiana Decne.; Senecio jacquemontianus (Decne.) Benth. ex Hook.f.);
E. Pakistan to W. Himalaya as per POWO;
Jacquemont’s Senecio;

Request for ID 080809 Sinthan Pass 5 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2).

Location- On the way… from Kookar Nag to Sinthan Pass, Jammu & Kashmir.
Date- 08th August 2009.

It appears to be Senecio jacquemontianus 

You are showing me plants I had seen  mnearly 35 years ago. I should thank you.


I attach a great image taken by Oleg Polunin of this plant in Kashmir.
Flowers of Himalaya knew it as Senecio jacquemontianus gregarious and common on alpine meadows in Kashmir @ 3000-4000m from Pakistan to Kashmir. The authors thought it was not easy to distinguish from Senecio wallichii (found from Central Nepal to Arunachal Pradesh.
Stewart records it as gregarious on lower alpine meadows in Kashmir with the roots used to adulterate ‘Kuth’.
But Ligularia jacquemontiana is not an accepted name in ‘The Plant List’.

I certainly agree that Senecio jacquemontianus did not fit well within the large genus Senecio and decades ago was describing it as the ‘Ligularia-like Senecio’ at my lectures.

Thanks, … Yes this what The Plant List Ver. 1.1 & Catalogue of Life says along with GCC

Herb for ID, Lower Manimahesh, Himachal Pradesh NAW-SEP17-05 : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)

Kindly identify this herb with yellow flowers photographed in June 2017 on the trail to Manimahesh at the height of about 2200 metres.

Some Senecio species (Asteraceae).

I could not match with any Senecio species so far available in efi site. 

Thanks, …

Can it be a Ligularia species as per the following? :
Leaves match with Ligularia species at the given link but I have some doubts about the inflorescence.

Though not satisfied, but keeping it as

Ligularia jacquemontiana I hope

I guess you are right …

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