Drepanostachyum intermedium (Munro) Keng f., J. Bamboo Res. 2(1): 18 1983. (Syn: Arundinaria intermedia Munro; Chimonobambusa intermedia (Munro) Nakai; Sinarundinaria intermedia (Munro) C.S.Chao & Renvoize);
E. Central & E. Himalaya: East Himalaya, Nepal; Introduced into: Jawa as per POWO;
Common name: Intermediate Cane Bamboo • Mizo: Lik • Nepali: निगालो बाँस Nigalo bans, तिते निगालो Tite nigalo

2 images.
A bamboo from Tawang distt, at altitude of 3000 m
found flowering in June.
Please identify

Looks like Sinarundinaria intermedia to me. A coomon bamboo of Tawang area.
Attaching a link for confirmation:

Does agree with Sinarundinaria intermedia

Yes, having distribution in AP and Nepal only. !




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