On 11/10/09 in Ananthagiri HIll forest in Rangareddy district of Andhra Pradesh; Sida rhombifolia ? – indiantreepix | Google Groups




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Location: Sourinee, Mirik, India
Date: 21 April 2017
Altitude: 4200 ft.

It is a small shrub on the roadside. Coulld it be some Hibiscus sp ?

Sida sp.?

It is a Sida species….

Thanks, …  In that case pl. check comparative images. 

Did not find any match to Sida sp. Stems are hardy and flower buds look like Hibiscus.

Pl. check with images at Sida rhombifolia L. as per comparative images at Sida

There is a big gap in altitude and as per images the images leaf texture. do not look like matching.
If not Sida, please compare with Malvastrum coromandelianum, which shows a lot of variation…!! 


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