Solanum melongena var. insanum (L.) Prain.;

Armed subshrubs to 75 cm. Leaves alternate, angulate, 7-12 x 6-8 cm, thick, lateral nerves ca. 5 pairs, stellate-pubescent, prickly along the nerves, base obliquely truncate, apex (sub)acute; petiole to 4 cm, prickly. Flower(s) 1-4, extra-axillary. Calyx-lobes 5, lanceolate, 6 mm, thick, stellate-pubescent and prickly without, acute. Corolla purple to violet, 3.5 cm across; lobes 5, triangular, 1.5 cm, stellate-pubescent without, and along midnerve within, acute. Stamens 5; filaments 3 mm; anthers 6 mm. Ovary 3 mm; style 1 cm, villous. Berry oblong-globose, 3 cm across; fruiting calyx enlarging; seeds minutely pitted.

Flowering and fruiting: April-December
Roadsides, wastelands, homesteads and sometimes grown as medicinal plants
Tropical Asia

17 May 2010, Cheeranahalli, Mysore dist.;  small bunglow near Taljai hill – Aug’10?; Eggplant #3 with thorns in the leaves + yellow riped fruits – efloraofindia | Google Groups

Solanum for ID : Lonavala : 161012 : AK-2 : Attachments (1). 6 posts by 4 authors.

A Solanum species found growing wild by the roadside in Lonavala on 18/8/2012.

Id please.

Is it Solanum torvum?

An another possibility could be Solanum melongena var. insanum.

Today, I saw a similar post from Lonavala by …

Could this wild plant also be Solanum anguivi?

Earlier suggested ids were Solanum torvum by … and Solanum melongena var. insanum by …

It is Solanum melongena var insanum only

Thanks for the id.

Does it have any common name?

This is our common Eggplant, Aubergine?

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please find Solanum melongena L. var. insanum (L.) Prain

Solanaceae fortnight SN 08 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Solanum melongena varinsanum (L.) Prain

Frequent wild weed, fruits used as a vegetable.



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This shrub closely resembles eggplant until one goes closer to see spines, also when it bears fruits, the things get clearer to indicate this as a different species..
Please correct the id if wrong…

Solanum violaceum Orteg.

Recorded from Morni HIlls, Haryana..

Fruit size??

Yes flowers suggest Solanum melongena

Solanum melongena or Solanum violaceum ?

I think Solanum melongena var. insanum (of course not given a separate status in databases)- efi thread




Attached images may be variety of Solanum melongena L. Please ID the plant.  
Date :15.012.2015
Location: Assam
Family : Solanaceae
Genus & species :
Habitat: Grows as cultivated plants.

Habit : Under-shrub

Solanum melongena var. insanum (L.) Prain.?

I attached here images of the fruit of the same plant . Hope it will facilitate its easy identification. Attachments (3)

Please find the KEY in Bengal Plants and description in Flora Indica. 

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Thank you very much for ID and information regarding the specimen.




Tropicos  India Biodiversity Portal  My species

Edible Medicinal And Non-Medicinal Plants: Volume 6, Fruits, Volume 6 By T. K. Lim (2013)

Flora of Davanagere District, Karnataka, India By B. K. Manjunatha, V. Krishna, T. Pullaiah (2002- Details) 

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