Sparassis crispa (Wulfen) Fr., 1821 (syn: Clavaria crispa (Scop.) Sacc., 1910 (ambiguous synonym); Clavaria crispa Wulfen, 1781 (ambiguous synonym); Manina crispa Scop., 1772; Masseeola crispa (Wulfen) Kuntze, 1891; Merisma crispum (Wulfen) Ehrenb., 1818; Sparassis crispa var. crispa (Wulfen) Fr., 1821; Sparassis radicata Weir, 1917);      
cauliflower fungus, wood cauliflower 

S. crispa grows in a globe that is up to 24 in (61 cm) in diameter. The lobes are flat and curly, resembling lasagna noodles and they are colored white to creamy yellow. They are found growing on wood, usually conifers. 

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Found on Acacia tree, today (29.7.13), perhaps growing on the accumulated dirt.

efi page on Sparassis crispa  

Did it have good aroma? it does look like sparassis either crispa or laminosa?
good edible mushroom.
BUT don’t eat it, unless, you confirm all the characters and have advice from experts.
You seem to be fotografing mushrooms. I use
you can compare the fotos with the pictures. There is a lot of information unfortunately in german but with some practice one gets used to it.
If you have difficulties or want to know a special expression, do write to me. I shall try to help.

The booklet i have informs that S. crispa can be found in Darjeeling and adjoining area, growing on pine trees. So, it can very well be S. laminosa.
I didn’t smell it, so i am not sure if it has good aroma. The day before yesterday it has rotten and turned in to brownish colour.

It may also be Sparassis crispa as I find images of Sparassis laminosa Fr. look different as per
Also see how brownish rings are formed when it ages.
I found an interesting article for reading (including this species)



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After going through the page on Sparassis crispa i found that there’s no good image of this edible mushroom on site even some are probably misidentified. So i am attaching a couple of closeup with a habit image.
Sparassis crispa 
Cauliflower fungus
Family – Sparassidaceae
Cauliflower fungus is an edible fungi even considered delicacy amoung locals it is much common in Monsoon season in coniferous forest generally occurs on Deodar and Pinus sp.
This fungi is very delicate and has no any rings on it moreover its color is white when young to light brown at maturity. 

i shall appreciate it if you would point them out and then help us correct the id

Locals relish it during rainy season. Even I have tried this one during monsoons. That was brought from Chaupal by my friend. 

Thanks …, i have already done that. As that misidentified image is of Podoscypha petalodes.