Trop. Asia to SW. Pacific as per WCSP;
Argentina Northeast; Brazil West-Central; Burkina; Burundi; Cameroon; Central
African Repu; Chad; Colombia; Congo; Ecuador; Ethiopia; Fiji; Gambia; Ghana;
Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Gulf of Guinea Is.; India; Ivory Coast; Jawa; Liberia;
Malaya; Maldives; Mali; Myanmar; New Guinea; Nigeria; Paraguay; Peru;
Philippines; Samoa; Senegal; Sierra Leone; Solomon Is.; Sri Lanka; Sudan;
Tanzania; Togo; Uganda; Vanuatu; Zare
as per Catalogue of life;

sperm-a-KOH-see — seed point, referring to the capsule being surrounded by calyx points
ok-kye-MOY-deez — resembles Ocimum (basil)

commonly known as: basil-like spermacoce, purple-leaved button weed

Native of: Mauritius, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines; naturalized elsewhere 

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