Images by Bhagyashri Ranade, Dr.Satish Phadke & Ajinkya Gadave (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)



commonly known as: hazel sterculia, Indian almond, Java olive, peon, poon tree, skunk tree, sterculia nut, stinky sterculia, tropical chestnut, wild almond• Bengali: জংগলী বাদাম jungli badam • Hindi: जंगली बादाम jangali badam • Kannada: bhatala penari • Konkani: कुवें रुक kuvem ruk, नागिन nagin • Malayalam: പിണര് pinar, പൊട്ടക്കാവളം pottakkavalam, മലംപരത്തി malamparaththi • Marathi: जंगलीबादाम jangalibadam, पुनव punava • Sanskrit: पुतिदारु putidaru, वित्खदिर vitkhadirah • Tamil: குதிரைப்பிடுக்கன் kutiraippitukkan, பீநாறி pinari • Telugu: గుర్రపుబాదము gurrapubadamu, మంచిపొణకు manciponaku;
stur-KEW-lee-uh — from the Latin stercus; meaning, manure or dung
FET-uh-duh — stinking
Native to: east Africa, tropical Asia, north Australia
The seeds are roasted and eaten……..very tasty.
A favorite of children they roast and eat the fatty greying-white nutmeal inside a black thickish capsule…..


ID- tall tree with reddish pods:
Apologies for the poor photos from my mobile phone camera.
Spotted at IIT Madras Campus, Chennai.
What is this tree? Grows quite tall and has dull reddish fruits. Had spotted the same tree I think in Rajawadi (ghatkopar), Mumbai once but was not able to photograph it.

Sterculia villosa of Malvaceae family

Thanks … for the prompt response!
Are these trees found in Bangalore too? So far I have not spotted one in my casual observations.

I too have not yet seen this species in Bangalore. Raman ji had recently posted this species from Siddara Betta, which is close to Bangalore.
Here is the subject line of that post [efloraofindia:107919] Request Tree ID 72 – Siddara Bette – Karnataka

I think this has to be Sterculia foetida.
I have seen many tall trees in IIT Madras campus

Sterculia foetida.

I too had a rethinking, I think the leaves are digitate rather than palmate (key character as per Gamble)
Thanks to … and … for correction.

It seems to me to be Sterculia foetida… we know this as BOXO BAADAAM in Bengali… a favorite of children they roast and eat the fatty greying-white nutmeal inside a black thickish capsule…..
I think … is correct in his diagnosis.


STERCULIA FOETIDA : 1 image.  2 posts by 2 authors.

Yes It is.

For ID 120513GK : Attachments (4).  3 posts by 3 authors.

Kindly help in identification
Tree of about 65-70ft, found near railway line at Solapur, Maharshtra.
Pictures taken on 8 May, 2013 except of inflorescence taken on 4 March. 2013

Some Sterculia sp.
Mostly Sterculia foetida

Sterculia foetida  i agree with …


Hooghly Today : Sterculia foetida L. : Attachments (2).  1 post by 1 author.


180713 ASP 118 : Attachments (3). 3 posts by 3 authors.
Please ID this fruit bearing tree. Photo was taken in Sri Lanka in Dec 2012.

Looks like some Sterculia sp

Sterculia foetida


Sterculia foetida from Pune_RKC_19023014 : 10 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (8).
Sterculia foetida L.

Loc.: Agharkar Research Institute Campus, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Date: 18 Feb. 2014.

Wah! What a photography!!!

Amazingly beautiful pictures …

Beautiful. The campus has amazing collection.


Tree for ID – 190914 – RK : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4).
Lalbagh, Bangalore – 14/9/2014
Ceiba species? Request Botanical & Common ID.

Sterculia foetida

I have never seen the fruits this close and this red, our trees here in the park are old and tall.
yes we call it baxo badam
black seeds can be roasted and eaten, the street urchins always beat us to them from the park trees.
and the shells make interesting flower decor base.

Appreciate the info about Baxo Badam. Came to know about the Bengali name thro’ INW. Interesting!!


ID request – 311214PC2 : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
Kindly confirm if the tree in the photos is Sterculia foetida. The uncertainty regarding the identity is because this tree flowers in the months of November and December and the fruits are visible from December onwards, whereas the reported month of flowering of Sterculia foetida is March.

This is Sterculia foetida. The flowering season may vary in north to South India. In Pune (Maharashtra), the tree near my house flowers in late January to February .

yes local microclimate also will have effects
and minor changes in the seed that was originally planted!!!
we have krishnachuras (delonix regia) in my neighborhood that don’t flower at the same time

Sharing the images of Sterculia foetida from Coimbatore.


Malvaceae Fortnight :: Sterculia foetida :: Mumbai :: PKAJUL42: : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)
Sterculia foetida from Mumbai.
Family: Sterculiaceae
It’s a large deciduous tree, 15m tall, trunk straight and bark flacky.

Flowers with unpleasant smell, in terminal panicles,

Follicles 1-5, 10-20cm, woody.


Photographs of the fruits of Sterculia foetida.
Family: Sterculiaceae
Date/Time: 18-04-2010/  09:30AM
Location: Mumbai
Tall, straight tree, 12m (approx).


Sterculia foetida pods & seeds:
uploading Sterculia foetida pods with seeds. i found this beautiful tree in our pune city.

– The tree is very common in Chennai roads, especially on Kotturpuram road and  road leading to IT centres from Madyakailash.


Sterculia foetida in Chennai:
This tree has become very common over the past decade in Chennai.  It is very fast-growing. Here it is crowding out a Pterospermum canescens. However it does appear quite colourful just now with the fruit turning ripe.

id request 11052011PJ1:
Pl find attached photo for id. Tree in this post has attached fruit, that grows in to fullpod, ripens and cracks open to set the seeds out.
Date/Time-: 09/05/11   –    16:00
Location- Place, Altitude – Kaiga , Uttar Kannada ,Karnataka, 380 mtrs
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-   wild
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Tree
Height/Length- 10m

Sterculia foetida…. we have a lot of them by Dhaakuria lakes…  in Bengali called Baksho Baadaam… badam in a box…

… would this বাক্স বাদাম be baksho baadaam ?

Yes, you got it right….
its pronounced (verbal bengali is different from written) … as ending with  an O as in Baksho… and what is pronounced as SH is written here as a mere S … and ending with a short a…and not an O. etc etc
if you wish to add it to flowers of India listing, this is the spelling in Bengali script…


Sterculia Foetida opened pods : 120511 : AK-4:
Jangli Badam….taken at the Tree Appreciation Walk at Five Gardens, Mumbai on the 10th of April, 2011.


Malvaceae week : Sterculia foetida:
Malvaceae week : *
Sterculia foetida

Jangali Badam
Pictures from IIT Madras and from Pune.


Malvaceae week :: Sterculia foetida:
Sterculia foetida L.

stur-KEW-lee-uh — from the Latin stercus; meaning, manure or dung
FET-uh-duh — stinking
[image: Punava (Marathi: पुनव)] <http://www.google.com/url.flickr.com%Fdi…>
Mar 15, 2008 along Gladys Alvares Road near Lokpuram, Thane
commonly known as: hazel sterculia, Indian almond, Java olive, peon, poon tree, skunk tree, sterculia nut, stinky sterculia, tropical chestnut, wild almond • *Bengali*: জংগলী বাদাম jungli badam, বাক্স বাদাম baksho baadaam • * Hindi*: जंगली बादाम jangali badam • *Kannada*: bhatala penari • *Konkani*: कुवें रुक kuvem ruk, नागिन nagin • *Malayalam*: പിണര് pinar, പീനാറി pinari, പൊട്ടക്കാവളം pottakkavalam, മലംപരത്തി malamparaththi • *Marathi*: जंगलीबादाम jangalibadam, पुनव punava • *Sanskrit*: पुतिदारु putidaru, वित्खदिर vitkhadirah • *Tamil*: குதிரைப்பிடுக்கன் kutiraippitukkan, பீநாறி pinari • * Telugu*: అడవిబాదము adavibadamu, గుర్రపుబాదము gurrapubadamu, మంచిపొణకు manciponaku
Native to: east Africa, tropical Asia, north Australia
   – [image: Pinari (Tamil:
பீநாறி)] <http://www.google.com/flickr.com%2Fphotos%2Fdi…>…
Dec 8, 2007 near Back Bay Reclamation, Mumbai
– [image: Wild
Almond] <http://www.google.com/flickr.com%2Fphotos%2Fdi…>…
Jan 17, 2010 in premises of Bassein fort, Vasai, Maharashtra
– … more views:

Seen this tree in Tirupati (AP) but could not capture after seeing fruits i could come to know that the plant was S. foetida.

Kindly help Id this tree on a roadside at Pune if possible as the quality of pictures is poor. Sorry for that
Location: road from Ruby hall to Holiday Inn
I could just get one picture and that too not so clear as I was travelling. 
The shining bright orange red semicircular looking pods caught my attention. Some were almost dark black red
can it be Sterculia foetida ?

Sterculia foetida

As I find on the net Marathi and Sanskrit names for this tree are Marathi पुनव punava • *Sanskrit*: पुतिदारु > putidaru, वित्खदिर vitkhadirahपुनव means full moon wondering why it must have been named so is it to do with the pods? also if anyone explain the meaning of the Sanskrit words

Yes Sterculia foetida.
Malvaceae (Earlier: Sterculiaceae)
Within 15 days it will start flowering. In fact I saw it flowering yesterday in Pune University. But in most other places in Pune just a matter of 2-3weeks

In Bangalore all the leaves have fallen and flowers are coming up.
If you stand below the tree in the morning, Fragrance of the flowers are so nice.

I am a bit confused with your feedback as on the net I found that the flowers have an unpleasant aroma like manure

Agreed … The fragrance is strong but definitely not foetid as per the name says.
The fall season for this tree has just started here in Pune for this tree.

I think the name of the tree should be Sterculia scentida 🙂 instead

Would you please give the reference for this name?

There is no reference to this. this is my feeling that the tree should have been named Sterculia scentida as the flowers smell nice and not unpleasant. Sorry for the confusion.

The flowers dont have a pleasant smell. Probably … had got a whiff of some other nearby flower. The smell is not so repulsive from a few feet away but if you collect a few fls. in your hand and smell it closely it is a rotting smell.
The seeds are roasted and eaten……..very tasty.
You find lots of them in an instituition opp Lalbagh KH road entrance.
The watchman collects and sells seeds. Bought a few kilos last year and gave them to Hebbal nursery. Seeds sprouted easily. saplings were sold at Hebbal nursery, Bangalore. To my surprise they were sold out so fast and one of my friends I sent there didnt find any to buy !

Even smell is subjective looks like.
I took pictures of it today.
And the smell was so nice. I took a fallen flower and smelt it and it was good.
Let me put the images of the flower shortly

I have put my pictures under

Residents nearby this tree often complain of a dead rat or choked sewage to their neighbours. Flowers may be pleasantly scented only to the pollinators (Pipistrels or Carrion Flies?). Hope new generation cameras have the facility to record the scent with the image. (There is one with the GPS co-ordinates.)


Bangalore – RA – Sterculia foetida – Wild Almond Tree:
Java Olive is a tall, straight tree.

Originally from East Africa and North Australia, it grows freely down the West of the Peninsular, in Burma Ceylon and South India.
The grey bark is smooth, spotted with brown and faintly ridged.
The branches are whorled and usually horizontal, the numerous branchlets gracefully up-curved and crowded at the ends with large, palm-like leaves, remind one somewhat of the English Horse-chestnut.
The flowers, appearing early in February, form at the knotty ends of the wrinkled old branchlets immediately beneath the new leaves and spread in drooping rays as much as one foot in length. The reddish-green stems bear numerous short branched stalks, each terminating in a crimson-brown flower. The sepals, which look like petals, (there are no visible real petals), are about 1-inch across, back-curling and varying in colour from yellow to pale terracotta and to deep crimson and brown. But the main characteristic of these flowers is their incredible stench.
Coming across a Java Olive in bloom ones would think that one was near an open sewer and any part of the tree when bruised or cut emits this unpleasant odour.
It is unfortunate as the tree is extremely handsome; tall and straight, its well shaped crown swathed in coral, often without a single touch of green, it stands out amongst the surrounding verdure in great beauty and dignity.
The seeds are edible after toasting and taste like chestnuts (Castanea sativa ). They also contain an oil that is used medicinally, while the timber is used for making furniture and the bark for rope

may i ask where you took this photo in Bangalore?

This I took in Diamond District, Old Airport Road.
I have seen many trees in National Games Village (outside) and in Lalbagh near the lake



ID please:
lovely RED large pods with black seeds like large black berries and split wide open.

which is this big tree and how BIG are these flowers and what colour are they.
is it an indian tree.
Id please…
photo taken in Hyderabad on 26th Jan 2012

These are the pods of Sterculia foetida, commonly known as Java Olive, Sterculia Nut or Jangli Badam.
Flowers are small & red in color.

Sterculia foetida !

Yes, I too that this is Sterculia foetida

You are right … The season of observation is important here too. The tree typically becomes leafless at this time (Same is here in Maharashtra) and the mature pods which turn from green to red are easily visible even from distance. Slowly the tree will be full of tiny beautiful flowers. Just keep watching them and try to capture the flowers from branches which are drooping down. Its fun. Often the fallen flowers spread on the ground like a carpet.


Species Id Request DKV120201-1:
Mhow, Dist Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Is this Wild Almond (Sterculia foetida)?

Sterculia foetida

Yes Yes Sterculia foetida

Yes, Sterculia foetida to me also.


Sterculia foetida :: Hooghly, West Bengal:
Sharing images of “Sterculia foetidathe fruit and seeds of which I photographed in last year. Today, I took the photographs of the tree itself.
ID help : Book – Plant Groups, by H.Mukherji, 2005

Nice Shot of Fruits!!!

Sterculia foetida

Plant identification (mixed thread): 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)
Can someone help me in identifying this plant.

Sterculia, most probably must be Sterculia foetida.

This is Sterculia foetida. The fruits will be red in colour and after drying it becomes grayish brown. Extremely fast-growing. Preferred for road-side plantation. The seeds are roasted and eaten. The species name is foetida because of bad smell of emerging creamish-white flowers.


Please Identify this species- 110818DR1 : 1 image.
Please Identify this species.

This image [IMG-20180810-WA0035.jpg] is of Sterculia foetida L. [Malvaceae].


Please identify the species : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)
This click was taken by my friend in area of Gujarat.
It has long petionls
6-7 leaves at the terminal 
fruit is like kidney shape or similar to calotropis spp.
I don’t have more pic. so i request you to all please identify this tree  species.

This image [IMG-20180810-WA0035.jpg] is of Sterculia foetida L. [Malvaceae].

गुजराती,पबडी, जंगली बदाम


SK1686 31 Dec 2018 : 7 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (3) – around 600 kb each.
Location: Kulalumpur, Malyasia
Date: 4 March 2015
Altitude: 66 m.
Habit : Cultivated
Schefflera sp. ??

Please look at Sterculia foedita.

not schefflera. baxo badam in Bengali. Sterculia foetida most likely

it is only Sterculia foetida

Yes. It is Sterculia foetida.



Need Id: 2 images.
This tree is growing in mumbai.
Do check the bright red fruits.

Sterculia foetida


Request for id: 2 high res. images.
Found a cluster of fruits but unable to locate the tree from where it had fallen in Bilaspur. Request for I’d of the tree which were bearing these fruits. Photographed in September, 2022.

Sterculia foetida 🌿
Seeds are (endosperm) eaten in our region.


Sterculia foetida L. :: Thane, Maharashtra :: Mar 15, 2008 · JUN23 DV532: 6 images.

Sterculia foetida L.
Thane, Maharashtra :: Mar 15, 2008 · 3:48 PM IST :: about 11 m (36 ft) asl
Many thanks to Bharat Godambe for validating the ID at iNaturalist


Sterculia foetida L. :: Mumbai :: Dec 8, 2007 · JUN23 DV544: 4 images.

Sterculia foetida L.
Mumbai :: Dec 8, 2007 · 11:26 AM IST :: about 14 m (46 ft) asl
Many thanks to Bharat Godambe for validating the ID at iNaturalist


Sterculiaceae: Sterculia foetida: 5 high res. images.
Sterculia foetida from Andhra University Botanical Garden. Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. On 02/02/2024


SK 3957 11 May 2024: 2 images.
Images sent by a friend shot at Bangkok in December.

May be Sterculia foetida.
Pl. check.


Yes it’s correct





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