ID REQUEST 2-( Mansar, Nagpur ) -141111VS: attached for identification pl

I think this is sterculia urens

ID PLEASE THIS SMALL TREE FROM JEYPUR RF:  Please identify this tree.
Plants small, 1-3m high.
Photo taken from Jeypur RF, Assam

Sterculia sp.

Looks like mango(Sinduri):   I am searching name of fruit which I found in Malaysia as attached. 

1. Heigth of tree: 10m approx
2. Leaf condition: Surface is matt. & length of leaf is 10cm approx
3. Size of Fruit : 10cm approx.
Could some one give advice or hint?

Some species of Sterculia.

This looks like Sterculia guttata [locally called Kukar / Goldhar]. Please check a fieldguide to the local flora of Malayasia for the appropriate species.


This does not look like Sterculia guttata to me. Have this on my property at Shahapur and my photographs of this for comparison are available in the archives of this group. This could be some other [? exotic] species of Sterculia. Please check.

I didn’t get this when I searched last time.

The leaves of the Sterculia in Question and the Sterculia rubiginosa look different to me.

230918- NS3- ID please : 2 posts by 1 author. Attachments (1)- 3 Mb. 

When and where were these images taken ? Pl. give details in future posts.
Pl. check at Sterculia in particular Sterculia foetida



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