08-04-11-PR for ID-Konark:

I visited the Konark Temple, Orissa, in Jan 2009 and saw an avenue of some trees leading to the famous temple. Some guides there told me that the trees were of a white , scented flower called “Shathawari”.
There were no flowers on the trees then but I picked up a few seed pods with some seeds which I have photographed now.
Please help me id them.
Btw, most of the trees I saw on the streets of Bhubaneshwar were strange to my Chennai eyes.

This could be Stereospermum colais (Paadhiri in Tamil). Pictures of leaves may help to confirm.
There must be some confusion about the local name Shathawari, which actually refers to Asparagus, as you know.

 These are the pods & seeds of Kharsing [Radermachera xylocarpa] sometimes called ‘Bullock’s Horns’.

This look like pod of Stereospermum chenoloides (name Shatawari may be because roots are used in Dashmoolas)

But definately not Radermachera…… its pod is quite long and cylindrical