Flora of China says like this:
“Stictocardia tiliifolia has been confused with Ipomoea campanulata Linnaeus ( = S. campanulata (Linnaeus) Merrill), which is similar in general appearance and grows also along seacoasts. The glandular-dotted leaves, calyx, and corolla, and the non-capsular fruits enclosed in enlarged, leathery sepals are distinctive for S. tiliifolia.
The nomenclature for Stictocardia tiliifolia has been the subject of some disagreement, and of the two different interpretations recently proposed, Austin et al. (Brittonia 30: 195-198. 1978) and Gunn (Brittonia 24: 169-176. 1972), the former is here followed.”
However The Plant List & NPGS / GRIN gives Ipomoea campanulata L. as a syn. of Stictocardia tiliifolia.
Flora of Davanagere District: Karnataka, India & India Biodiversity Portal gives Ipomoea campanulata L. & India Biodiversity Portal (Stictocardia tiliifolia (Desr.) Hall.f. with Ipomoea campanulata auct. (non L.))


Ipomea id from BD_sm14001 : 10 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)- 1 mb each.
Flowering : Jan
Picture taken:Jan, 2019
Location : Saint Martin’s Island, Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh 

Another view.
Attachments (1)- 2 Mb.

Pl. check comparative images at

Please check for Stictocardia tilicifolia

It seems to me A. tiliaefolia or A. populifolia. Please check

Pl. check as suggested by … as per

Looks different from images of A. populifolia
A. tiliaefolia is same as suggested by … 

Do you have images showing side view and calyx of the flower ?

Yes, It looks like A. tiliifolia/ campanulata

Stictocardia tiliifolia (Desr.) Hallier f.: I know this plant as an ornamental woody climber with large orbicular leaves and large funnel shaped reddish orange flowers.
This is also known as Ipomoea Candyking may be because of its origin? in Srilanka.
The BSI flora of Maharashtra describes this as common on sandy soil in tidal areas along sea-shores from Mumbai to Sindhudurg. I have not seen this plant during several years of exploration along sea-shore.
Can any member comment on its occurence in Maharashtra as a wild plant?

I did not attach any picture since I do not have any. You may pls view it at FOI

This plant is growing in the Calicut University Botanical Garden. I have never seen this plant in wild.

We have this pant in our botanic garden at palode, but was procured from a nursery. But literature tells us that it is a native plant

Stictocardia tiliifolia Earlier discussion on this plant at Efloraofindia.
No further clue.

Is it possible that the common garden plant is Stictocardia beraviensis (Vatke) Hallier f. and the subject plant is rare and wild on west coast?

I also see this plant only in cultivated stage. I cant to see this plant in wild in India. But actually this is a native one.

Yes, … You may be right.



India Biodiversity Portal (Stictocardia tiliifolia (Desr.) Hall.f. with Ipomoea campanulata auct. (non L.))   

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