Strychnos potatorum L.f., Suppl. Pl. 148 1782. (Syn: Strychnos heterodoxa Gilg; Strychnos stuhlmannii Gilg);
Cleaning Nuts, Indian Gum Nuts, Nirmali;

Diospyros montana tree – fruiting,  a forest variety (Vernacular: Jagala ganti mara meaning Quarrelsome tree, Hope the ID is correct)
Bandipura forest, Karnataka
07 Jan 2011 3:47PM
An earlier discussion link on Diospyros montana…

To me it doesnt look like D. montana..
reason: 1. venation on leaf margin not like of D. montana..
2. Here leaves look opp. whereas in D. montana more or less alternate..

Yes it may not be Diospyros. In addition to opposite leaves the persistent enlarged calyx of Diospyros is missing.

This is not Diospyros montana. Sending photographs of the leaves of a saplings at my farm for comparison. Attachments (2)
Also have serious doubts that the tree in the link provided below by … is actually D.montana.

Pictures posted here by .. are of Strychnos potatorum.
Tamil name: Thethaan, Thethaangkottai தேத்தான், தேத்தாங்கொட்டை
Local use: Seeds are used to treat unclear water to make it potable.

i think this D.montana. Attachments (2)

Yes …, yours is D. montana, but not the photographs uploaded by …

I would stand for S. pottatorum of Loganiaceae family as … suggested

Strychnos for id 160311MK3:
Please help to id this tree of Loganiaceae.

Size: 5 metre [big tree]
Leaf: 10 x 6 cm

could this be Strychnos potatorum ?

Looks like Strychnos potatorum!

even i guess its S. potatorum, but please mention the locality and more details of plant.

Location: Sathyamangalam RF, TN
Type: dry forest
Altitude: c. 260 metres
Date: 10 Feb 2011

Tree height: 5 metres
Leaf: 10 x 8 cm

I too think that this is S. potatorum.

Tree for ID : 23102013 : RV 3 : Attachments (4). 4 posts by 3 authors.
Requesting help once again to identify this small tree fruiting in wild in an area around Hampi….
picture taken on 15th Oct,13

Just a guess; Could it be Strychnos potatorum because of trinerved leaf ?.

Yes, … ID is on dot.

Strychnos potatorum L. :  Attachments (1). 1 post by 1 author.

Strychnos potatorum L. Fam: Loganiaceae

Tree in fruiting
Thirukalukundram, Kancheepuram district, Tamilnadu
80m altitude,
seeds used in medicine and purify water.

plant id : Attachments (3). 5 posts by 4 authors.
id for this plant please

Any sp. of Strychnos ?

strychnos potatorum?????…..

Agree with ... Quite possible, Strychnos potatorum L.f.

I too that Strychnos potatorum

Strychnos potatorum L.f. SN May 31 :  1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3).
Strychnos potatorum L.f, clearing nut, Loganiaceae,
wild medium sized tree from Denkanikota area of Tamilnadu



Tree sp for id request from NBNP Garden, Coimbatore.: Date: 06.04.2012

Location: NBNP Garden, Anaikatti, Coimbatore Dist., (640 MSL)

Habitat: Garden

Habit: Tree

This could be Strychnos potatorum