Suregada angustifolia (Müll.Arg.) Airy Shaw (syn: Gelonium angustifolium Müll.Arg. in DC.; G. lanceolatum auct. non Willd.) as per Flora of India Vol 23 (2012) ;
W. & S. India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh as per WCSP;
India: Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats, from coastal areas to 750 m altitude. Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala as per BSI Flora of India;

Habit- Trees up to 6 m tall.

Trunk & Bark- Bark grey, smooth; blaze cream.
Branches and Branchlets- Branchlets terete, glabrous.
Leaves simple, alternate, spiral; stipules caducous; petiole 0.3-0.5 cm long, planoconvex in cross section, glabrous; lamina 3.5-10.2 x 2-4 cm, obovate or oblanceolate, apex obtuse, base cuneate, sometimes asymmetric; midrib flat above; secondary nerves ca. 6 pairs, not prominent; tertiary nerves obscure.
Flowers unisexual, dioecious; male flowers small in axillary fascicles; female flowers solitary, axillary.
Fruit and Seed- Capsule, smooth, deeply lobed, keeled on the lobes, 0.6 cm in diameter; seeds 1 per lobe. 
Trees in evergreen forests in coastal zones and dry evergreen forests in leeward side.
Peninsular India; in the Western Ghats- Malabar Coast and leeward side South Sahyadri.  


Suregada angustifolia

Suregada angustifolia – leaves look bit obovate


Trees of Lalbagh, Bangalore – Suregada multiflora – False Lime Tree (Please Cnnfirm):

I have a post of this plant at efi thread.

I feel the leaves as well as fruit look different

Yes, …, i noticed too, specially i couldn’t find any persistent calyx in your pictures.
This could be some other Gelonium sp., please check (pages of F. B. I.) :-

I attach herewith photographs of Gelonium fascuculatum Roxb. of Flora Indica. Please note serrated apex of leaves. The same can be seen in my earlier post.
Now, please compare the following flickr images with my posts –

Thanks, … I will check it out. The name plate in Lalbagh used to be: Gelonium lanceolatum

Reply from another thread:
Suregada angustifolia


Suregada angustifolia(Baill ex Muell – Arg) Airyshaw : Attachments (2).  2 posts by 2 authors.
Suregada angustifolia (Baill ex Muell – Arg) Airyshaw; (= Gelonium lanceolatum aut non Willd, G. angustifolium Baill ex Muell – Arg.);
Fam: Euphorbiaceae,
Wild tree, Talakona, Chithoor dt, Andhrapradesh,

Nice photos.

Plant for identification :: 270614MK :: June004 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3).

Please help me in identifying this small tree species. Is this a Casearia sp.?
Leaf: up to 8 cm long
Habitat: riparian
Location: Talakona RF, Tirupathi hills, AP
Date: 14 April 2014

Casearia species in India & eFI with details & some keys

Suregada lanceolata of Euphorbiaceae.


Bush for ID Tiruvannamalei, Tamil Nadu NAW-OCT-17 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
Kindly identify this bush photographed at the herbal garden, Tiruvannamalei, Tamil Nadu in September 2014.
Height of bush about 2 metres. Leaves about 8 to 10 cms. long. 

Kindly suggest if these pictures are of the male of same species or of a different species altogether. These were also photographed at the herbal park, Tiruvannamalei. Attachments (3).

These are female and male plants/ flowers of Suregada lanceolata.



BSI Flora of India Vol 23 (2012)  WCSP  The Plant List  India Biodiversity Portal  Biotik 

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