The colour and shape of flower reminds me of Tabebuia rosea … could be a wrong guess.

Tabebuia species indeed. Most likely T.rosea as …  said…..
May be Bamboo is just near it.

To me also it seems like Tabebuia roseaBignoniaceae

If I had to guess I would have said, Ipomoea sp.. There are abrupt broad solitary leaves visible to me.
Tabebuia will have whole tree full of flowers during flowering time.

On a first look, this appears to me like Ipomoea fistulosa, this can grow much taller, a clear picture of the flowers would have been decisive.

Apologies for such a guess, this cannot be I. fistulosa (overlooked last picture).

Many thanks … for the help. The fruit might help to come to a definite conclusion as I just learned from the net that Tabebuia rosea has long and slender fruit capsules. I hope to see them and post the pics for follow up

Before it sheds its leaves it will have few flowers here and there.
Then the tree becomes completely leafless and has only flowers.
Then the leaves come and the pods comes later.

It also looks like tabebuia too me. But need to see clearer pictures.

Thanks … for the feedback. Interesting, so I have quite a few things to follow. The tree must be looking beautiful with just flowers. This tree is far away from my home but I can see it from my terrace.