Terminalia arjuna ?;

on the 18th of April at Mapro Garden, Mahabaleshwar; Request for ID: 080210-AK-1 – efloraofindia | Google Groups

22032011PJ1 ID REQUEST:
Date/Time-: 13/03/11   –     1 1:40
Location- Place, Altitude – Kaiga , Uttar Kannada ,Karnataka, 380 mtrs
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-    Wild
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb-Tree

To some extent it looks like T.arjuna. You may like to do the following to confirm the id:
1. Pl look for fallen fruits (5-winged/angled) and leaves (simple, unlobed, oblong-lanceolate…), and share the pictures here.
2. make a slight cut in the bark to observe fleshy pinkish red inner bark.
3. observe the habitat. T.arjuna usually grows near watercourses.
4. try to record the local name & use of the tree.

Would like to add one more characteristic to the above: two glands on each side can be seen at the back of the leaf on the leaf stalk. This is very characteristic of Terminalia arjuna.

The presence of one/two gland/s on the base of the back side of leaves are characteristics of most of the species of Terminalia.
The tree in the picture could be mostly T. arjuna.
By the way, do you have a close up of the leaf of this plant? What was the vegetation type? Evergreen or Deciduous?

Those reddish bark and branching patterns do not point towards arjuna

Please also give some photos of clear leaves, flowers and fruit.
identifying with this photo will be wrong even we any how guess something, there are several trees with such bark and branching pattern.

Please find photos of …. a tree found in Kolkata. All photos were taken in the month of April 2015.
Thank you!

There is a good probability of this tree to be Terminalia arjuna (Roxb. ex DC.) Wight & Arn., but the id is not guaranteed. Is it the larval host plant of monkey-puzzle butterfly? Or you just happened to see the butterfly resting on it?

Looks like photos of 3 different species of plant ???

Barringtonia : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Barringtonia acutangulia– in Bengali and Hindi known as Hijal.
Wood very good for boat making. Kankalitala, Birbhum 25.04.09

Does not appears to be a Barringtonia

May be some Combretaceae member.

Terminalia sp. seems T.chebula, need clear pics for conformation,

I concur with … suggestion.

Difficult to see details, but it could be Terminalia arjuna. The bark sees to be a lighter colour.


Tree from Bilaspur for id: Mixed thread: 2 images
Request for I’d of another tree (not in flowering) from Bilaspur. Photographed in March 2022.

Full habit image will help.
Pl. try Terminalia arjuna


identification help 2: 3 high res. images.
I am a research scholar at Pantnagar University. I am working on the identification of tree species by their leaves.

may be similar to Terminalia arjuna ……