Black Pea;   
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Valley of flowers5the flowers are heavenly scented. If you cross from nearby also you will feel that something has been sprayed on your nose & if you go nearby and smell it will directly hit your head. Really a very sweet & heady smell. 

Valley of flowers is at an altitude of around 4000 mtrs. and having an extremely cold snowy weather. The photo was taken in June 2007. Hope this will help

– This looks like Thermopsis barbata

Anagyris barbata Wall.
Thermopsis atrata Czefr.
Family: Fabaceae
: India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet
Current pic taken at Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh.

Nice plant indeed. I can feel the cold atmosphere in the area. Two Donald ducks of different colours stand tall amongst the green flora of Himalayan summer which is otherwise covered with snow I suppose.
I had photographed similar plant from the area.

Yes it was chilling and windy.
On this point while standing you can see three different ranges. On the front is extension of greater himalaya range. On right is the peer panjaal range and on left the trans himlaya….
It was a great experience. I almost walked 15 kms that day with umbrella and camera in rain. Umbrella was just to save my camera.




VOF Week: Thermopsis barbata? from the trek: This legume was shot from river bank during back trek from Ghanghariya to Gobind Ghat…I think this is Thermopsis barbata…..flowering was over… though flowers in this species are very attaractive

Yes Agree with T barbata

This hirsute herb was recorded in fruits from trek to Valley of Flowers from Gobind Ghat, Uttrakhand..
Thermopsis barbata

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