Posting pics of this Palm.
In the 2nd pic the fruit can be seen faintly on the left of the palm.

Better pics – of inflorescence & the palm – appear here: Flowers of India

I think similar Palms has been identified as Thrinax parviflora Sw. in the postings by Raman Arunachalam & Alka Khare (Validation by Andrew Henderson)

Are both same or different & are both being cultivated in India ?




T. parviflora has been mentioned in Floriculture in India – Page 314 as:
T. parviflora. Another beautiful species which is a native of Jamaica, Cuba, and Florida. The petiole is reddish at the base. The leaves are 90 to 120 cm across, having …

But I did not find any such mention of Thrinax radiata in any India books on google search.