Tiger Flower, Mexican Shell Flower, Peacock flower;
Mexico to Honduras (as per WCSP)

Tigridia pavonia is the best-known species from the genus Tigridia, in the Iridaceae family. Common names include jockey’s cap lily,[3] Mexican shellflower[4] peacock flower,[4] tiger iris,[5] and tiger flower.[4] The species is widespread across much of Mexico as well as Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. The species is also considered naturalized in Ecuador and Peru.[4][6]
It is very popular as an ornamental plant among lovers of interesting flowers. The blooms come in a variety of colours. They open early in the morning and are already closed around 5 P.M. when dusk begins to fall. Every day a different bloom is opened. The plants that are grown from seeds bloom in the first year after they are sowed.
The bulbs are edible and have been used by the American Indians. It has a chestnut-like flavour.[5]
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at jillings in july; in Ooty- Oct’09?; tiger flower (lily) – indiantreepix | Google Groups



A ‘WOW’ flower – indiantreepix | Google Groups :

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This fantastic bloom springs up seasonally in our friend Dr. Vijayaraghavan Vangal’s lawns at his home in Ooty. Pic taken & details provided by Dr. Vijayaraghavan. Tigridea pavonia, Family-Iridaceae. Tiger Flower or Mexican Shell Flower.
Details:  ‘Grows in slightly acidic soil such as in Ooty. Seen around the same time every year. As one wilts another sprouts from the same place. Not seen more than 2 at the same spot. Summer flower-grows end March-end May. Dormant beneath soil thro’ winter. Survives up to -0.5 –
0 degrees- as seen in Ooty.
Also grown in New Zealand i believe. Must have come to Ooty thro’ missionaries in early 1800s when Savoy
Hotel, Ooty club, Steepen’s Church came into being. Leaves similar to Kikiu-?-grass. No watering. Comes on it’s own with dew & moisture in
the lawn.’
Which category can it come under? Introduced Wild Flower?

We have seen few other Iridaceae family members.
Certainly a beautiful addition to this family database.

Very beautiful picture …, with great details. Thanks for sharing.
Have u observed any tuber underneath? Exotic plants that become self-sowned are generally called as ‘run wild’ or garden ‘escape’ or ‘naturalized’.


Tigridia pavonia ATJUNE2016/46 : 9 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)  
Tigridia pavonia
Tiger Flower, Mexican Shell Flower, Peacock flower
Aug., 2011

Also available in yellow colour. I’ll search my computer for that shade later on.

Oh! got the another shade also from 2012 collection.  Attachments (1)

Thanks … Second upload on our group- efi thread

Yes, Sir. I have seen that upload. I had yellow shade with me, So, thought of sharing.


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