Toona ciliata ?; 





Seeds for ID 210812 NB1: in my last trip to india dec.11-jan.12 i collected some seeds in capsules.
I can’t remember now, how the tree lookd like. Perhaps someone can identify them.

looks like jacaranda seed pods

I have seen Jacaranda pods. They are flat and round. I can post a picture of the same.

Just a guess…could these be Arjun pods, Terminalia species?

They are certainly not Jacaranda. J fruits are flat and round..
I think these are Toona ciliata ..Meliaceae Tree. Seeds are winged!

none of the above

but dont ak me what it is
i dont know either for sure
but not any mentioned so far

Thank you all for taking so much efforts for identifying the seeds.
Perhaps in the coming spring, will have to wait for at least 6 months :-((, i shall try to germinate the seeds and let you know what comes out.
Perhaps then we have more information.



Fwd: ID of tree here in Central University of garhwal uttarakhand date-9 September 2018 : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2) 
Please send better pictures / close ups for proper ID.

Thanks, … Difficult to identify with these images. Wait for flowers to come. 

Could be Toona



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