Tragopogon kashmirianus G.Singh, 123 1976.;
Kashmir Salsify, Kashmir goatsbeard;


Tragopogon kashmirianus: finally captured it with open heads:
Tragopogon kashmirianus G. Singh, described by me in 1976 was eluding me for last three years, as I would find mostly closed heads. The flowers open in the morning and close by noon. This year I was lucky to get both open flowering heads and fruiting heads, very distinctive of this tetraploid hybrid species. I am uploading the same. The corolla is distinctive with yellow base and purple striations. You may also go through this important paper on this species.

Really great pics…. very nice to know about the description of this species… I can feel the joy you had after getting these photographs… This genus was new to me until May 2012, when I could shoot Tragopogon gracilis from Chakrata, really amazing to see one more species….

Species described by me in 1976
for more details see
Here is the original description reproduced from my book.
Tragopogon kashmirianus G. Singh, Forest Flora of Srinagar, P. 123, Fig. 4, 1976.
Species Tragopogon mirus Ownbey subsimmilis sed distat in ligulae pupureo striatae, phyllariis 8-11, margine scariosus, pappus setis cervino, plume cinereo.
Herba biennis, 25-60 cm alta, glabriuscula. Folia linearie basi dilatata, sensim angustata, ad 25 cm longa. Calathia pedunculis inflatis. Phyllariis lineari-lanceolatis, margine scariosus, 8-11, 4-6 cm longa. Ligulae 20-25 mm longae, luteae, pupureo-striatae. Antherae 3-4 mm longae, basi luteae, parte superiore violacea. Achaenia cinereo-brunnia, 13-16 mm longa, in rostrum 12-20 mm longum, sensim abcuntia, exteriora interiora glabra. Pappus 25-40 mm longis, cervino, basi connatis annulum lanatum formantibus, plume cinereo.
Biennial herb, 25-60 cm tall, almost glabrous, simple or branched. Leaves linear, gradually narrowed above from dilated base, up to 25 cm long, upper successively smaller. Heads solitary on inflated peduncles. Phyllaries 8-11, 4-6 cm long, margins scarious. Ligules 20-25 mm long, yellow, purple striated. Anthers 3-4 mm long, lower half yellow, upper violet. Flowers closing during day but open in morning and dull weather during day. Achenes greyish brown, 13-16 mm long, gradually narrowed to 12-20 mm long beak. Pappus bristles tawny, straight, plumose except for naked distal end, 25-40 mm long, united below into a disc; disc wooly. Fruiting heads 7-9 cm across, pappus hairs ashy.
Holotype: Dachhigam forest, Kashmir, alt. 1700 m: Gurcharan Singh No. 2552. Deposited in the Herbarium of Botany Department, Kashmir University, Srinagar. Isotype in NYBG.

A very different Tragopogon. Thank you for showing once again.

The required information is attached as pics, as I do not have scanner with me.
Hope this will serve the purpose.



Help me to identify this Asteraceae plant sp. From Ganderbal kashmir 6i37: 4 high res. images.

No idea . Grass ?

My wild guess will be Tragopogon

Please check Tragopogon kashmirianus G.Singh !

Yes, appears close to images at Tragopogon kashmirianus G.Singh