Tristellateia australasiae A. Rich., Voy. Astrolabe 2: 159, pl. 15 159 1834.;
Australian Gold Vine, Shower of gold climber, Vining Galphimia, Vining Milkweed;
India: Cultivated in gardens; Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Malesia to Australia as per BSI Flora of India;

Climber for ID: 160810BM1 – efloraofindia | Google Groups : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

Date/Time- 16-08-2010/1:10 PM
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS- Ludhiana, Punjab
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- Garden
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb-   Climber
Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts- 3-4 cm/yellow

i came across a similar post.
identified as Tristellateia australasiae
please confirm.

This is Tristellateia australasiae indeed


Flora picture of the year 2010 – Padmini Raghavan.:
I have subequently found the name, *Tristellateia australasiae*, for the bright yellow flowers with the red stamens, which I am submitting as my choice of Flora for the Year  It has been a difficult business, this choosing; every other flower seemed to be staking its claim for my favour.
I first saw the Vining Galphimia at … residence in Chennai and admired the profusion of flowers next to his front door. Since I have not seen another such creeper in Chennai, I was thrilled when the specimen which I had bought in Bangalore actually produced some blooms. (Most of my Bangalore acquisitions don’t like our Chennai weather.)
The climber is also called “Shower of Gold Climber” and “Vining Milkweed“. 


ID request 25092011 SS1 Garden climber with yellow flowers from Kerala:
Here are a few pictures of a common garden climber from my garden in Trivandrum.

Date/Time- 8 June and 11 Sep 2011
Location- Trivandrum city, Kerala
Habitat- Garden, urban
Plant Habit- Climber

Leaves : Opposite, thick and shiny, margins entire, tip acuminate.
Inflorescence: Racemose
Flowers: Yellow, 5 petals about 1.5cmStamens: In two whorls 10 stamens. Yellow, after pollination turns reddish.

Galphimia of course…
BUT when you say climber… is it twining around support.. has tendrils or branches turn around the support in clockwise or counter clockwise turns…
or is it just scrambling upward or outwards towards light?

What … is mentioning seems to be correct. it is Galphimia sps.
climber is the word used by layman, It should be used as scrambler.

Ofcourse this plant is look like Galphimia gracilis. But that is not a climber. So if that is a climber, it is Tristellateia australis under Malpighiaceae

I think this is a climber from the nature of inflorescence in the first picture and the branches in the last pictures (100_9390 and 036). With this assumption I stand for Tristellateia australis of Malpigiaceae family.

Thank you all. It is indeed a climber. I will post a few more photographs. Since I am unable to attach pictures to this thread I will have to do it in a new post.

Actually, you can attach photographs to any messages, if you are replying using your gmail account.
But if you are replying from eflora page you may not be able to do so.

As long as you don’t change the subject line after clicking reply to all, with or without attachment, should place in the same thread properly in our group.

Tristellateia australis

Here it is identified as Tristellateia australis, while it is identified as Tristellateia australasiae in another thread: efi thread#
Both are accepted name as per the plant list, pl. clarify.

Correct name is Tristellateia australasiae.


ID Request 26092011 SS1 More pictures of Malpighiaceae climber with yellow flowers from Kerala:
Here are a few more pictures of the plant I posted yesterday. I took the photos this morning. It is indeed a climber. This has climbed on to a Citharexylum spinosum  tree in my garden. Please find attached also pictures of the fruit (both green and dry). Hope this will help in confirming the id.

The plant in the attached photo is Tristellateia australasiae

Yes, this is also a good example of how to photograph and what to photograph to submit over the internet to ID a plant…

Thanks … for additional pics… Now we all know the id… and my net based research tells me its most likely correct, esp since … says so… Galphimia by the way is an anagram of Malphigia
play of words…
anatomically an interesting family…
the links I sent with your earlier thread has nice descriptions…
and you mentioned seeds?  Can you collect some? are they fertile…  can you sprout them?
Since its in your own garden, how long ago did you buy the plant and put it in the ground? from what nursery?
So many questions, be patient .. and tell me please…

Tristellateia australasiae.  Very common ornamental climber in Mysore, Bangalore and Chennai cities.

my father got this plant from a friend of his about 5 years ago. He got it as a seedling which was propagated from a cutting and we planted it on the ground. I haven’t tried planting the seeds yet, but no seedlings have sprouted under the plant. I can surely collect the seeds and try if they will sprout.

May I know please, how this is different from Galphimia?

…  I have the same kinda questions, so spent almost a day reading about these things in June or July when I first bought my plant.. which turns out to be Galphimia gracilis… not this plant here in this thread…
Dont know.. that ‘s why originally I had thought this was a galiphimia
Googling for Tristellateia australasiae… also brings up names like Galphimia vine, Thyrallis vine, vining golden shower…
Univv mich has done some research and have a website and  this pdf.. take a look:
you can get to the website name from the pdf  name…
The author states that Malphigia sa whole is very confusing… or some such words.. Take a look..
You being a taxonomist can educate me…

Thanks for the encouraging me to check.
One very basic difference. Style and Carpel both are 3 in Galphimia where as in Tristellateia there are 3 carpels but style is 1.

Galphimia glauca Cav. Anales Hist. Nat. 1: 37 1799.
Galphimia glauca f. parvifolia Nied. Arbeiten Bot. Inst. Königl.
Lyceums Hosianum Braunsberg 5: 25 1914.
Malpighia glauca (Cav.) Pers. Syn. Pl. 1: 506 506 1805.
Thryallis glauca (Cav.) Kuntze Revis. Gen. Pl. 1: 89 89 1891.
Current Location: KFBG, Hong Kong.

Yes Galphimia glauca
I just wrote my story on … thread…
what a co-incidence…
is this this the season for galphimia or what
now I ‘ll have to upload my pictures of G. gracilis… just to contrast or complete this season of galmphimia…

Please have a look at the pictures I posted about an hour ago titled “ID request 25092011 SS1 Garden climber with yellow flowers from
Kerala”.  The flowers look similar to Galphimia glauca. I understand that G. glauca is a shrub. I have seen it. But the one in my garden is
a climber. I am confused! Please help.

G. glauca is a climber and G. gracilis is a shrub.

I just rechecked my plant and I realised that there is a single style which points towards the genus Tristellateia.
Hence the species should be Tristellateia australasiae A. Rich.
Plant by habit is a woody vine.


Flora of Kerala: Tristellateia australis A. Rich. from Depthi cultural Center Calicut:
Tristellateia australis A. Rich. from Depthi cultural Center Calicut
Ornamental Shrub Shot in December



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