Tubifera ferruginosa (Batsch) J.F.Gmel., 1792 (syn: Dermodium fallax (Pers.) Nees, 1816; Licea clavata Schrad., 1797; Licea cylindrica (Bull.) Fr., 1829; Licea effusa Ehrenb., 1818; Licea fallax (Pers.) Fr. & Lindgr., 1817; Licea fragiformis (Bull.) Nees, 1817; Licea iricolor Zoll., 1844; Licea rubiformis Berk. & M.A.Curtis, 1858; Licea tubulina Schrad., 1797; Lycoperdon favaceum Schrank, 1789; Lycoperdon ferruginosum (Batsch) Timm, 1788; Sphaerocarpus cylindricus Bull., 1791; Sphaerocarpus fragiformis Bull., 1791; Stemonitis ferruginosa Batsch, 1786; Tubifera cylindrica (Bull.) J.F.Gmel., 1792; Tubifera ferruginosa subsp. acutissima Leontyev, Schnittler &
S.L.Stephenson, 2015; Tubifera ferruginosa var. albostipitata Wichansky, 1962; Tubifera ferruginosa var. complanata Meyl., 1931; Tubifera ferruginosa var. subungulata Koaze, 1934; Tubifera fragiformis (Bull.) J.F.Gmel., 1792; Tubifera speciosa (Speg.) E.Sheld., 1895; Tubulifera arachnoidea Jacq., 1779; Tubulifera umbrina Zopf, 1885; Tubulina coccinea Trentep., 1797; Tubulina conglobata Preuss, 1851; Tubulina cylindrica (Bull.) DC., 1805; Tubulina cylindrica var. acuta Peck, 1890; Tubulina fallax Pers., 1800; Tubulina fragifera Poir., 1808; Tubulina fragiformis (Bull.) Pers., 1794; Tubulina fragiformis var. clavata (Schrad.) Pers., 1800; Tubulina fragiformis var. coccinea (Trentep.) Pers., 1800; Tubulina fragiformis var. conica Pers., 1800; Tubulina fragiformis var. operculata Pers., 1800; Tubulina fragiformis var. papillata Pers., 1800; Tubulina nitidissima Berk., 1881; Tubulina speciosa Speg., 1881);

west Siang Dist of Arunachal Pradesh in the month of April 2009; Fungu for ID – efloraofindia | Google Groups

This fungal species is grown on rotten wood and fallen trunk of plants like Azadirachta indica, Leucaena leucocephala, Cordia myxa. When Environment is favourable like moderate humidity, average presence of light and comparatively lower temperature. I found two different life form one earlier form with porous and late having pores are swollen border.

This is a Myxomycetes (Slime Mould) not fungi.

Likely Tubifera ferruginosa


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