Turraea pubescens Hellen., Kongl. Vetensk. Acad. Handl. 9: 308 1788. (syn: Turraea billardieri Juss.; Turraea brownii C. DC.; Turraea concinna Benn.; Turraea indica C. DC.; Turraea membranacea Merr.; Turraea pubescens Benth. (ambiguous synonym); Turraea villosa Benn.; Turraea virens Hellen.; Turraea virens var. billardieri DC.);    

China (SW-Guangdong, SW-Guangxi, W-Hainan), Australia (N-Western Australia:
Bonaparte Arch., Pt. Warrender, N-Northern Territory, NE-New South Wales, N- and
E-Queensland), Java, Philippines (Luzon), Lesser Sunda Isl. (Flores, Timor), New
Guinea, India (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala), Laos,
Thailand, Vietnam
as per Catalogue of life;
Small honeysuckle tree, Wild honeysuckle • Marathi: कापुर भेंडी Kapur bhendi; 

Images by Swagat (id by Satish Phadke) & Satish Phadke (Validation by Dinesh Valke) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details, click on the links)

14,June 2009, Alibag; at Sagargad, Alibag- Dec’09; 30/05/2010 12:00 noon- Amboli, Near Mahadevgad point; on the way to Lohagad- (20-06-2010); Kanakeshwar, Alibag: 22 June, 2010; 05th May 2010, Devrai , Near Amba Ghat, Shahuwadi, Dist. Kolhapur, Maharashtra; Matheran Hills, Panvel side;




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clicked it on Sudhagad near Pali (Dist raigad) on Mar 28th.
it was a leaf-less plant. 

I think this one is “Turraea villosa” from Meliaceae family.

I too strongly feel so !!
… wild honeysuckle, kapur bhendi (Marathi: कापुर भेंडी).

Thanks, …
Syn. Turraea obtusifolia.





turraea villosa: 5 images.
turraea villosa or kapurbhendi as it is called locally alibaug, my place, yesterday
many thanks to pravin kawale for the identifying it

Sharing few photographs of Turraea villosa from Alibag region.
Family: Meliaceae

Oh. Such a large shrub. I have never seen this so large.


Nice photographs ! These are mine taken at Khandala over the weekend.

7 images.

Close up of the same.
2 images.