Distribution: Indian Subcontinent to Indo-China
with Sepals yellow, tessellated with brown lines and with white margins; Petals yellow with brown lines and white margins, shorter than the sepals


Epiphytic orchid Pench National Park,:
Photo showing epiphytic orchid growing maybe 3-4 m high up. My guess is Vanda or some similar monopodial genera. Does anyone know what species that is found in the national park?

It looks like Vanda tessellata. But, its just a guess!

– Yes Vanda tessellata


Vanda orchid:
This orchid is flowering in our Garden Tala Umaria M.P..


ORCHIDACEAE: Prejith005. Vanda tessellata semialba:
A very light coloured form of the species. I have posted a picture of the curved sidelobes which is a very distinct feature in tessellata not present
in any of it’s hybrids despite repeated backcrossings.

wow… thats very different.

051111PD04 Vanda tessellata Flora of Orissa:

Name of the species: Vanda tessellata
Family: Orchidaceae
Place of collection: Ranpur, Nayagarh
Altitude: 240 m above msl
Habit: Epiphyte
Habitat: Dry deciduous to moist deciduous forests

flowering season is already over. i had taken it probably in June.


efloraofindia:121667] ID help please:

shot this pix of an Orchid???
clinging to a tree with these wilted flowers in Kanha national park on the 27 June…
please describe this species please…
is it common or not so common!!! any use it has to any specific insects…

Yes Vanda tessellata.

Yes this species is Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) Hook. ex G.Don
Syn. name……
Epidendrum tessellatum Roxb.; Cymbidium tessellatum (Roxb.) Sw.; Aerides tessellata (Roxb.) Wight ex Lindl; Vanda roxburghii R.Br; Cymbidium allagnata Buch.-Ham. ex Wall; Cymbidium tesselloides Roxb;
Vanda tesselloides (Roxb.) Rchb.f.; Vanda roxburghii var. wrightiana Rchb.f.

Alagarkoil flora 11072012 TBN 1 for id:
Please identify this plant details of which are as follows:
Date : 01/07/2012
Location :Alagarkoil, Silambar valley( coordinates: N 10* 05 833; E 78* 13 560)
Altitude :1400 ft
Habitat :wild
Habit :epiphyte
Height :on a tamarind tree
Leaves :as depicted
Flowers :as depicted
Fruits :not seen
Local name :do not know
? vanda /only under surface photographed

I think this species is Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) Hook but it is not conferm. Please send a clouseup photo of flower.

I am sorry. This was the closest i could get to. It was too far for my 24x prosumer compact.

Flora of Madhya Pradesh: Vanda tessellata from roadside mango tree Narsinghpur (MP):

Vanda tessellata from roadside mango tree Narsinghpur (MP)
growing wildly in a very small patch on only 5-6 trees. In about 50 Kms we could not observe this except a small patch on mango trees.
(Id Credit: …)

This was without any fragrance

[EfloraofIndia_160212PD04_vanda tessellata_Flora of Odisha]:
sharing the images of vanda tessellata taken at night in Ranpur

Excellent Photographs. Title for Second pic…. ” Doo Bechare, Bina Sahare...


Vanda tessellata Fruits:
Vanda tessellata Fruits

This might be the Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) G. Don of GRIN.
The Bengali names are নই (NAI) and রাস্না (RAASNAA), provided the ID is correct.

Please ignore the last image of the host tree.

Yes good pictures with flowers.
In Kerala it is very common in Mango trees.

Yes, its Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) Hook……

Orchidaceae Fortnight: Vanda tessellata from Narsinghpur MP BS01 : Attachments (8). 6 posts by 5 authors.
Vanda tessellata from Narsinghpur
Shot during last July it was on a Mango tree

Very well illustrated upload

Thanks … In Haryana we could find only one orchid till today Zeuxine sulcata. we are very poor in orchids….. But I am trying to grow this Vanda on a mango tree in my college however it is not responding well.

Very good pictures …
This epiphytic orchid with Sepals yellow, tessellated with brown lines and with white margins; Petals yellow with brown lines and white margins, shorter than the sepals look beautiful.


Orchidaceae fortnight :: Vanda tesselata :: SMP 20 : 2 images. 3 posts by 3 authors.
Vanda tesselata
Nagzira forest. Vidarbha. Maharashtra.

Crispy Shots … I am trying to grow this in my college on a mango tree but it is not going well

Yes Vanda tessellata.


Orchidaceae Fortnight : Request For ID : Sri Lanka : 091013 : AK-20  : Attachments (1).  6 posts by 4 authors.
Orchid seen at a hotel garden in Colombo, Sri Lanka during visit in Nov,2010.
… had suggested Vanda tessellata earlier.
For id confirmation please.

this is Vanda tessellata (Chequered Vanda)

Looks like Vanda tessellata but I am not sure if this is a hybrid.
This looks so neat and clear like a hybrid.

Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) Hook. ex G.Don in J.C.Loudon, Hort. Brit.: 372 (1830).
Epidendrum tessellatum Roxb., Pl. Coromandel 1: 34 (1795).
Cymbidium tessellatum (Roxb.) Sw., Nova Acta Regiae Soc. Sci. Upsal. 6: 75 (1799).
Aerides tessellata (Roxb.) Wight ex Lindl., Gen. Sp. Orchid. Pl.: 240 (1833).
Vanda roxburghii R.Br., Bot. Reg. 6: t. 506 (1820).
Cymbidium allagnata Buch.-Ham. ex Wall., Numer. List: n.º 7327 (1832), nom. nud.
Cymbidium tesselloides Roxb., Fl. Ind. ed. 1832, 3: 463 (1832).
Vanda tesselloides (Roxb.) Rchb.f. in W.G.Walpers, Ann. Bot. Syst. 6: 864 (1864).
Vanda roxburghii var. wrightiana Rchb.f., Gard. Chron., n.s., 20: 262 (1883).
Distribution: Indian Subcontinent to Indo-China

Vow.. This was also there in Narsinghpur in huge amount on Mango trees. I was amazed to see this and could shot this orchid there.


Vando roxburghii in coconut husk  : Attachments (1). 1 post by 1 author.
Vanda and Acampe was grown in a coconut husk @ Pilikulam research center. A good idea to grow orchids.


Orchid ID from Bangladesh : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2).

Flowering: April
Habit: Plain Land
Place: Khustia, Bangladesh

Vanda ? tesellata

This is Vanda tessellata.

The identity is confirmed as Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) Hook. ex G.Don

It seems to be Vanda bicolor of Orchidaceae

Thanks a lot, …, It has been already been identified as Vanda tessellata by other experts.


Orchid from Jawadhu hills : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3) – around 600 kb each.
Found in Jawadhu hills of Eastern ghats.

Vanda tessellata.

SK1757 25 Jan 2019 (mixed thread): Attachments (1) – 3 mb.
Location : Marina Bay Garden , Singapore
Date : 18 October 2012
Elevation : 25 m.
Habit : Cultivated
Vanda hybrid ??

Interesting, but as usual you didnt take pics of complete plant 🙂
This looks like Vanda tessellata to me, but cant be sure without looking at whole plant.

ID Request – 280621AS02- Orchid family: 3 images.
Could you help ID this plant?
Date/Time- 26/06/21
Location- Nibhora Gaon, near Satpura National Park, Altitude- 300 m
Habitat- Wild Type- Ephiphyte growing on mostly Mahua and Saaj trees
Plant Habit- Epiphyte
Height/Length- The height of the plant would be a 15 cms but the roots spead over larger distances, entwining with the bark of the tree.
Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts- the flowers from the back are white and in the front are khaki coloured with a pattern and a purple lower lip petal.

Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) Hook. ex G.Don !

You are right …


Vanda tessellata (Roxb.) Hook. ex G.Don: 6 very high res. images.

Location: Surkhet, West Nepal
Altitude: 728 m.
Date: 23 April 2021
Habit : Wild


Vanda tesselata: 2 images.

Sharing images of Vanda tesselata with massive flowering on many trees
Date 10 Jun 2022
Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve. Vidarbha Maharashtra.
Hope the ID is correct

I have seen this in Western Ghats near Shimoga.

Yes sir, looks like Vanda tessellata.