Native to: SE. & S. Brazil to S. South America: Argentina Northeast, Argentina Northwest, Argentina South, Bolivia, Brazil South, Brazil Southeast, Chile Central, Chile North, Chile South, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay; Introduced into: Alabama, Angola, Arkansas, Assam, Austria, Azores, Bahamas, Bermuda, Borneo, California, Canary Is., Cape Provinces, Czechoslovakia, Easter Is., Fiji, Free State, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Illinois, India, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Korea, KwaZulu-Natal, Lesotho, Louisiana, Madagascar, Madeira, Malaya, Massachusetts, Mauritius, Mississippi, Missouri, Mozambique, New Caledonia, New South Wales, New York, New Zealand North, New Zealand South, Niue, Norfolk Is., North Carolina, Northern Provinces, Northern Territory, Oregon, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Queensland, Réunion, South Australia, South Carolina, Spain, St.Helena, Swaziland, Sweden, Tanzania, Tennessee, Victoria, West Himalaya, Western Australia, Zambia, Zaïre, Zimbabwe as per POWO




Sonepat, Haryana, 31 May 09; at an altitude of approximately 2000 mtrs. In HP- Sept’09?

Flemingia macrophylla ? (310109SCS2) – indiantreepix | Google Groups Id Required for HP flora – efloraofindia | Google Groups




Flora of Haryana: Verbena bonariensis L. from CCS HAU Campus Hisar:   Verbena bonariensis L. from CCS HAU Campus Hisar
Family Verbenaceae

Interesting to note that all small flowers of these Verbenaceae members have similar appearance.

Yes … small and Similar.

What a tiny verbena!!!




Nilgiris :: Verbena bonariensis L. :: Verbenaceae : Attachments (6). 1 post by 1 author.
Name: Verbena bonariensis L.
Family: Verbenaceae
Native of Tropical America
Habitat: roadside (perhaps garden escape)
Date: 18 Aug 2013
Place: Kothagiri, Nilgiris
Altitude: 2000 m asl


Verbena bonariensis L SN June 18 :  1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2).
Verbena bonariensis L, erect ornamental under shrub near moist water tracts, seems garden escape in Coonor area of Nilgiris, Tamilnadu




7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5).
This erect herb was recorded from Shimla-Chail road..
Verbena bonariensis ??

This plant (Verbena bonariensis) has become very common in Solan and Shimla districts of Himachal Pradesh in the recent times. It is found only in wild form in this area.

Thanks … for this information..

In absence of any otherwise suggestions, I think the id is correct as V. bonariensis ..

Yes, you are correct …




Weed? ABAUG01/02 : 3 posts by 2 authors. 3 images.
Found this growing next to Lantana bushes in the lower town on my recent visit. Please help identify it.
Dharamshala, HP
1 August 2015 
The one with purple flowers growing next to Lantana;

I hope this is Verbena bonariensis

Thank you … It does look like Verbena bonariensis.



Verbena bonariensis ATJUNE2016/36 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
Verbena bonariensis
Near Shimla
May 2016

Now very common alongside the roads in Solan and Shimla districts of H.P.

Very cute, …


Verbena bonariensis ABJUL01/07 : 4 posts by 3 authors. 5 images.
This was my first verbena at this altitude (I had seen a few in the lower town at about 1500m). I think this is the Tall Verbena or Verbena bonariensis. Please advise.
Verbena bonariensisTall Verbena
Above Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
29 June 2016

Yes, you are right …

Marvellous details, …


in Kunda Forest Reserve- Mukurthi National Park, Avalanche- 14.5.10;      Is it Impatiens Floribunda ? 010710 a ET – efloraofindia | Google Groups

This wild species of Verbena was recorded from Hissar, Haryana..
Please suggest if this can be Verbena bonariensis

Wild Flowers for ID : Kenya : 110912 : AK-2:  Tiny Purple flowers seen growing by the roadside on 29/1/2009 in Kenya. Unfortunately I don’t have any more details.
Any clues?

This looks like a Verbena sp. to me…

After your clue, I tried searching under Verbena species.
Could this be Verbena bonariensis, common name Purpletop Vervain, Brazilian Verbena?

Appears to be close to Verbena bonariensis as per images and details herein.

Posted earlier, Verbena suggested by …

Appears to be close to Verbena bonariensis as per images and details herein.



efloraofindia: For ID 271112SP16:  Please help me to identify this flower.
Location – Chakrata.

Date: 10/10/2011
habitat : Wild

Verbena sp., may be V. bonariensis. Pls descrobe plant for correct ID.

Appears to be close to Verbena bonariensis as per images and details herein.





This is a wild species of Verbena, recorded from Gori valley area..
Please suggest specific id..

Verbena species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available on net)

Appears to be close to Verbena bonariensis as per images and details herein.



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