Viola tricolor L., Sp. Pl. 935 1753. (Syn: Jacea tricolor (L.) Opiz (Unresolved); Mnemion agreste Fourr. (Unresolved) ………; Viola tricolor var. hortensis DC.);
Heartsease, Johnny Jump Up, Wild Pansy;


Viola (Veilchen : german):
Viola from a private garden in Bremen, Fotos taken on 12.5.2011. I think these are ornamental garden flowers?

Looks like pansy, Viola tricolor 

Those on the close-up are related to Viola tricolor but of a selected or hybridized origin. There are lots of varieties available! The vild form is not as wideflowered. Please see:

This is a garden variety of the vild Viola tricolor. Probably with some hybridization and selection in the history.
The vild form:


Pansys, Pansys, everywhere:
Last week I had to attend a meeting in a church in Bremen. Normally cemetery is not a place I go for a stroll. But to reach the church I had to go thru the graveyard. Was quite surprised, to see somany beautiful flowers. Pansy or viola tricolor seems to be one of the popular plants there. It doesn’t need much care and it flowers and flowers and flowers. There were so many color varieties. Fotos taken on 18. may 2011 in Bremen-Borgfeld.

And possibly Hydrangea and Paeonia in first photograph

Yes, there is Hydrangea in the middle, the one on the corners are Rhodos in Am-Friedhof-100_0759-e.jpg


A Herb from Royal Botanic Gardens Kew:
Could you ID the herb in my picture please. I forgot to take the photo of the lable. Thank you.

I think it is maroon pansy

Yes as … said this is Pansy or more scientifically Viola tricolor subsp. hortensis

Viola tricolor

These are actually hybrids of Viola tricolor.

Often called as Viola hybrida.

Viola tricolor


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Location: Sanepa, Kathmandu, Nepal  
Date: 13 January 2018
Elevation: 4400 ft.
From garden!