Flora of Arunachal Pradesh- Namdhapa- Fungi1- for Id- JM:  Wild at Namdhapa near Miao, Arunachal Pradesh in 3rd week of August’10.

Flora of Arunachal Pradesh- Namdhapa near Miao- Fungi 6 for Id- JM: Wild at Namdhapa near Miao, Arunachal Pradesh in 3rd week of August’10.  

Monsoon 2011 – Oily Mushroom – 30Aug2011AR01: Vernacular – Enne Anabe ( Oily mushroom)

Farmers say – these edible Oily mushroom are not as tasty (because of more oil content)
compared to other mushroom kinds of the season (Heggalu, Nayi Anabe etc.).
As of now, edible mushroom options are more and readily available. Farmers seldom consider these oily mushrooms, sometimes they just lie discarded.
Cap -Size -15cms diameter, shape -Flat, uniform, brown, Oily
Under cap -Gills, white, Stipe not found, Annual ring: discarded by farmers,

Fruit body: Amanita
Gills: White


Flora of Kaiga_ID_Please_28082011 PJ.: Commonly seen fungi in monsoon.
Date/Time-:20/08/11 – 16:30
Location- Place, Altitude – Kaiga , Uttar Kannada ,Karnataka, 380 mtrs
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- wild
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Fungi
Height/Length- 2cm-3cm

I know only one name of fungi, the Agaricus. However, searched for button & oyster mushroom. When i changed the search string to “narrow stipe mushroom” found two websites –
2) http://mountain-n-sea.blogspot.in/

ID of Fungi……..: first photograph taken at Panhala ,Kolhapur,Maharashtra on wood in the month of december.

Second taken in month of August in Radhanagri Forest. Saucer shaped fungi growing on soil.
Third one with Spore (Saucer shape fungi).

with such Fotos and so very little information it is very difficult to identify the fungi, at least for me. Perhaps experts have some clue.

08/08/2011/YRP/02/Naoroz Estate, Chethalayam, Sultan Bathery, Wayanad.:  How about the identity of this mushroom.
Diameter of hood 75 mm, height of mushroom 75 mm.
Diameter of stem 12 mm.

Date & Time 08/08/2011
Location: Place, Altitude, GPS Chethalayam, Wayanad.
Habitat: Garden, Urban, Wild Type: Wild
Plant Habit: Tree, Shrub, Climber, Herb fungi
Height, Length. 75mm

wild, wilder, wildest guess: Russula genus?
not enough Information and it is difficult to identifya mushroom from two fotos id difficult any way.

efloraofindia:”28102011MR2’’ mushroom Pune: I observed this mushroom yesterday in my neighbors garden .

Then it was a cap of 7-8 cms. I decided to photograph it today.
But today it appears like this opened with white stripes. Is it perishing?

I found another similar mushroom growing at the same place today one with stalk. Attaching pics of the same

Yes … it is perishing. It is helpful, if you can send some more fotos e.g. the Underside, its root, its stem etc and more information like if it is growing under a tree, and which tree, Open land, shadow, sun. etc.etc. Mushrooms are difficult to identify from fotos.
Hope some expers can help you.

Few days after this mushroom perished another similar mushroom cropped up a little further away. Attaching pics of the same. These show the stem. The underside looked similar to pic 281020112702 .jpg. These mushrooms were growing under a coconut tree in shade in my neighbours garden.

i was hoping someone from India would be able to help you. Many mushrooms go symbiosis with certain trees, this one is growing under coconut. In my books I don’t find any mushrooms under coconut. 🙂
I visit http://www.pilzfinder.de/ it is in german, but if you click BILDSUCHE-Button you will find many fotos, you can compare your mushrooms click on the foto and read the Info (in german).
Sorry, can’t help you!

Many thanks … for being so kind to provide me the link and telling me about the BILDSUCHE button. Yes this will be of great help to me to identify the mushrooms and as monsoon is approaching there will be many interesting mushrooms cropping up. Thanks a lot.

fungus for id mm1 18092011:

small mushroom, about three fourths of an inch
it was growing on a root
the underside was whitish and webbed
would very much appreciate an id
photographed yesterday, at my place, alibaug

a close up the mushroom will surely help in the ID can you kindly attach one if available.

efloraindia: 220911 BRS 44: Pl. find the attached file contain Mushroom photo for id. request.

Date/Time-Location- November, 2009,
Place, Altitude, GPS- NBNP Garden, Anaikatti, (640 MSL) Coimbatore Dist.,
Habitat- Garden
Plant Habit-
This particular Mushroom was noticed after the end of rainy season.


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