Grass Week : Grass is green on both sides of the fence:  Grass is green on both sides of the fence (My home garden in KR Nagar and Bangalore).
After it rains, the garden in front of my house develops a natural lawn, as grass grows unchecked. Sometimes, in the early morning sun,the dew on the young grass seems to glow like pearls, butterflies flutter around and birds are found  busy digging into the ground,  and this sight gives me immense pleasure. In fact, the grass and the green foliage grows so tall and appears so dense that people remark whether it is a garden or a mini forest. In fact, many including us, strangely enough, have seen the mongoose and  even the elusive small Indian
civet cat with hairy bush tail  running in the dense undergrowth in the darkness.

During the dry season as well, the grass cover is still there prompting villagers to come and cut grass or graze their cattle inside our garden. Decades back the land was barren here but after some more trees were planted the leaves fell to the ground and made for a soft fertile earth.
In Bangalore , We have a small lawn as well. But where earlier it had come up naturally, here it had been manmade. Where earlier it was free, here I had to pay a pretty large sum from my pocket. But yes, I derived pleasure from the
latter as well.