Laetiporus sulphureus (Bull.) Murrill, 1920 (syn: Agarico-carnis flammula Paulet, 1793; Agarico-pulpa styptica Paulet, 1793; Agaricus speciosus Battarra, 1755; Boletus caudicinus Schaeff., 1763 (ambiguous synonym); Boletus caudicinus Scop., 1772 (ambiguous synonym); Boletus citrinus J. J. Planer, 1788 (ambiguous synonym); Boletus citrinus Lumn., 1791 (ambiguous synonym); Boletus coriaceus Huds., 1778; Boletus lingua-cervina Schrank, 1789; Boletus ramosus Bull., 1791; Boletus sulphureus Bull., 1789 ..; Boletus tenax Bolton, 1788; Boletus tenax Lightf., 1777; Calvatia versispora Lloyd, 1912; Ceriomyces aurantiacus (Pat.) Sacc., 1888; Ceriomyces neumanii Bres., 1920; Cladomeris casearius (Fr.) Quél., 1886; Cladomeris sulphurea (Bull.) Bigeard & H. Guill., 1909 ..; Cladoporus ramosus (Bull.) Pers., 1818; Cladoporus sulphureus (Bull.) Teixeira, 1986; Grifola sulphurea (Bull.) Pilát, 1934  ..; Laetiporus cincinnatus (Morgan) Burds., Banik & T. J. Volk, 1998; Laetiporus speciosus Battarra ex Murrill 1904; Laetiporus sulphureus f. albolabyrinthiporus (Rea) Bondartsev,
1953 ……….; Laetiporus versisporus (Lloyd) Imazeki, 1943; Leptoporus casearius (Fr.) Quél., 1888; Leptoporus ramosus (Bull.) Quél., 1888; Leptoporus sulphureus (Bull.) Quél., 1888; Merisma sulphureum (Bull.) Gillet, 1878; Polypilus casearius (Fr.) P. Karst., 1882; Polypilus caudicinus (Schaeff. ex J. Schröt.) P. Karst. 1889; Polypilus sulphureus (Bull.) P. Karst., 1881; Polyporellus caudicinus P. Karst. ex Sacc. 1912 .; Polyporellus rubricus (Berk.) P. Karst., 1879; Polyporus sulphureus (Bull.) Fr., 1821 ……..; Polyporus todari Inzenga, 1869; Ptychogaster aurantiacus Pat., 1885; Ptychogaster aureus Lloyd, 1920; Ptychogaster versisporus (Lloyd) Lloyd, 1920; Sistotrema sulphureum (Bull.) Rebent., 1804 ..; Sporotrichum versisporum (Lloyd) Stalpers, 1984; Stereum speciosum Fr., 1871; Tyromyces sulphureus (Bull.) Donk, 1933) ?;                          

sulphur polypore, sulphur shelfchicken mushroom;


Flora of Arunachal Pradesh- Namdhapa near Miao- Fungi2 for Id- JM: Wild at Namdhapa near Miao, Arunachal Pradesh in 3rd week of August’10. As seen high up on a tree trunk, I couldn’t get the top view. 

Whatever I can judge from the given pics, I think it is Laetoporus sulphureus, Sulphur shelf bracket fungus belonging to Polyporales (Basidiomycetes). To confirm see the link below: 



DV :: 31MAR11- 0507 :: ¿ mushroom / fungus ?: 2 images. Attached photo (and a cropped version) of not sure:
¿ mushroom / fungus ?
Date/Time : March 31, 2011 at 5.07pm IST
Location Place : Kodagu Valley Resort, Coorg, Karnataka … 12.442136,
75.717516 on Google maps <>
Altitude : 3682 ft (above mean sea level)

I these are a bunch of young basidiocarp from Laetiporus sulphureus commonly known as “sulphur selves

On going through flickr search, it does look like Laetiporus sulphureus … except a line about its distribution and habitat at Wikipedia says:
“widely distributed across Europe and North America, although may be restricted to east of the Rockies.”

I think this fungi grows in India . You try a google search with (Laetiporus sulphureus + India)

2 results sufficient to know its distribution in North and South India.


Nice to know that you could confirm Laetiporus sulphureus is distributed ubiquitously in India.
I am only assuming that the photographed mushroom is a very  young form of the mushroom.
Laetiporus sulphureus  is mostly found associated with tree trunk which they eventually decompose.
Hence my speculation is completely based on probability , there is ever possibility that the fungus which you have recorded may be something different.