Porana volubilis Burm. f., Fl. indica 51, tab. 21*, fig. 1. 1768. (Synonyms: Porana volubilis Burm. f. var. burmanniana Blume; Porana volubilis Burm. f. var. microcarpa Engler) as per Convolvulaceae Unlimited ;
Horse-tail Creeper; 




Flora of Andaman9-291210-PKA3: Climber spotted on the Old wall of Ruins at Ross Island (Andaman & Nicobar).

Date/Time: 21-12-2010 / 11:30AM
Location: Ross Island (Andaman & Nicobar),
Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit: Climber

This can be Porona volubilis Brum.f. recorded from Andaman in 1993

Ref: Sinha, A.R.P. & K. Kumar. 1993. Porana volubilis Burm.f. (Convolvulaceae) – a new record for Andaman flora. J. Bomb. Nat. Hist. Soc. 90: 542-543. 



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