Name : Phoenix dactylifera
Common name of fruit :  Date (English); Khajur (Hindi)
Place  : Mount Abu, Rajasthan
Date   :  14.11.2010
Others :  Seen in arid areas of Gujerat and Rajasthan.

Date fruit is considered as an ideal food containing most of the essential nutrients like pottassium.
The flowers of the date palm are edible.  Seeds of date are ground and mixed in flour during the time of scarcity.
Date palms are tapped for the sweet sap called Nira which is converted to palm jaggery.

-I did not get any flowers or fruit photos of Khajur at Mount Abu as it was not the fruiting season. However, I am sending photos of the Khajur and the dry Khajur.

– Here are some photos of the Khajur tree with fruits.

Place : Humayun’s tomb, Delhi
Date  : June 200

Fruits & Vegetables :: Ripe Dates from Oman : AK: Sending some dates from Oman taken during summer.

The dates sold in markets are generally old and shrunk. Yesterday we ate fresh-from-tree dates. They are really different and very good in taste.

Here there are many Date trees.
These are specially for the citizens to pluck & eat as they want.
When they are ripe, there is a carpet under the trees.
‘Khalas’ is the best variety of dates here.

VALMIKI : OBSERVER OF NATURE 44: Attaching the image of the 44th member of the series. This plant is mentioned in Ramayan as KHARJURA. Scientifically it is known as Phoenix sylvestris. Commonly known as Wild Date Palm. It is Khajur in Hindi and Bangla.

This plant is Phoenix dactylifera L.


How can I forget the Date Palm of Oman?

Nice photos …


Please validate if this wild tree from my native place in Kaithal district of Haryana is Phoenix dactylifera.. the fruits are not relishable, though they are sweet on ripening… besides, the stiff and durable leaflets can be woven into handfans, baskets etc.
Please tell me the id..

Sorry for one wrong attachment..

efi pages on Phoenix dactylifera & Phoenix &

keys available at  Species with description & keys in Flora of Pakistan                  

Yes, looks ok for P. dactylifera

Phoenix dactylifera L. (accepted name) ?? : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

Sharing some pictures I guess is Phoenix dactylifera L. (accepted name) shot at Doha, Qatar on 12 June 2015.

Appears close as per images at Phoenix dactylifera L. from the comparative images at Phoenix

I wanted to share this picture of White-browed and Red vented bulbuls drinking toddy, from Thamballapalle in Chittoor of AP.


Permission to use Prunus dulcis and Phoenix dactyliera:

I am writing a book on medicinal plants in Tamil and English.
I want to use your eflora images of Prunus dulcis and Phoenix dactyliera. Kindly give permission to use it. I will acknowledge you for providing your images.

You are most welcome to use my images.
Best wishes for your new book.