Arundinella species;



identificationno201210sn1: kindly identify the grass
location:mulshi,pune 3000ft.above sealevel
habitat: wild
plant habitat:grass
height:about 2ft.

leavestype: fine sprinklets
other information: this particular was found on a slope and shady place.
I am also sending another mail of different grass to help in comparison.

Could it be some Panicum sp.? 


Also check with Sporobolus sps.

From another thread (… #):

Eragrostis tenella?

May be some species of Sporobolus??? 

Eragrostis tenella 


Photo is not so clear, but yes by proper observation it look closer to Arundinella

May be Panicum sp. I’m saying only on the basis of leaves whatever i am seeing in the photograph. Inflorescence is not clear so i can’t say more.


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