Grass Week- Nicobar Bamboo for ID pl.: Pl help me in identifying this bamboo from Nicobar Island

Locality: Campbell Bay, Nicobar Islands.
Date: December, 2009.

– Identifying bamboos by photographs only is not as easy as other flowering plants and for correct identification one needs to see the specimens for study. However these climbing species from Andaman and Nicobar may be some members of either Neomicrocalamus, Melocalamus or Dinochloa. One seems like a new species. If u can arrange for me to see the specimen, it will be very nice as I am working on Bamboos only and am very much interested in this. It will be my pleasure to identify these specimens.




ID help needed: While driving from Thirthahalli to Shimoga ( Karnataka) through NH-13 on 06 Jan 2011, I observed these rotting Bamboo trees. Someone remarked this is an infectious disease that comes once every 40-50 years and destroys a whole lot of bamboo crops.

Will you be able to enlighten me on this aspect. 

– This might be natural death, i don’t think there is any infectious disease. This is what I think. May be you aware with monocarpic term in plants like Bamboo.

   In many bamboos flowering often commences at the beginning of the “dormant” season – be that the dry season or the cool season – and is followed by seed drop a few months later, and sometimes death thereafter. If a whole plant flowers, then flowering may encompass the entire plant, including the rhizomes, which can produce new flowering culms.

   Bamboos do not necessarily die after flowering, but death is much more likely if set seed is heavy. In fact, only the parts that flower will die, and so if only one culm flowers, only that culm will die. If all the culms flower, the whole plant will die.




Grass for ID : Oman : 031112 : AK-1: A grass seen growing wild near water on 23/7/2010 in Muscat.

Sorry I have only one picture and that too not very sharp.
Had gone again last weekend to take more pictures, but could not find it due to construction activity.
Will try again.
In the meanwhile if someone has any clues, kindly id.

This is a post-graduate question to a kindergarten student !
Searched for purple nodes and found Bothriochloa ischaemum which accroding to FoC grows on rocky and sandy slopes. But, i think there must be many species, from other genera as well, with purple nodes.

Here is link for you – http://floraitaliana.blogspot.in/2008/04/bothriochloa-ischaemum.html, but i would say there can be other grasses looking like your species pic.

It does look the same but I know we need more pictures.
Hope to find it sometime soon.


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