Image by Dalia (ID by Shrikant Ingalhalikar), inserted by Gurcharan Singh (Please click to see details).


KAS Week DS_051012_04 Ipomoea: Ipomoea from Kas – proper id please.

this is Ipomoea barlerioides (Pink morning glory)

I think this one looks different than Ipomoea barlerioides, but lets wait for more inputs.

This is surely not I. barlerioides. Plant description would have helped. This seems to be a large climber with large cordate leaves that may have been found near Kas lake on large shrubs. This would be Argyreia involucrata. Ipomoea barlerioides is a prostrate herb found on lateritic plateau. It has small (3 cm) hairy leaves and the flowers have a very slender tube.

Argyreia sericea probably as leaves appear broadly ovate

Calyx above the flower does not match with images at Argyreia sericea



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