Blachia andamanica subsp. denudata (Benth.) N.P.Balakr. & Chakrab. at Jog Falls on 16 DEC 12

That is a good photo and correct identification. I am happy to see it.



Euphorbiaceae fortnight : Bachia andamanika : Attachments (2).  6 posts by 4 authors.

Blachia andamanica
from Sindhudurg MH

Blachia andamanica ssp. denudata.

The other subspecies, ssp. andamanica occurs in Assam, Ansamans to Malesia.





Euphorbiaceae Fortnight :: Shrub for ID :: MK002 : Attachments (18). 4 posts by 2 authors.

Please help me in identifying this shrub found commonly in the riparian tracts of Megamalai WLS. The habitat was semi-evergreen.
I saw the peduncle length range from 1.5-2.5 cm. I attached all the pictures of the same Genus shot from different locations (but with a km range); apologies if there is a mix-up. Eagerly waiting to know the plant.
Date: 03 Oct 2013
Place: Megamalai WLS, Theni dist., TN
Alt.: 700 – 800 m asl

Slightly a mixture. But the main photos are of Blachia andamanica ssp. denudata.

Thank you for the identification Sirs.

The deciduous female sepals are distinctive.





ANFEB18 Please identify this tree : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (15)

Date: 28th December 2014
Place: Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka
Habit: Tree

Please compare it with Blachia andamanica ssp. denudata (= B. denudata) of the Euphorbiaceae.

Thank you very much sir.





Blachia denudata: Validate Please
Blachia denudata
Small evergreen tree from Phansad WLS
19 Feb,2012

Yes Blachia denudata of Euphorbiaceae family. While referring “the plant list” I could find that this species has become synonym of Blachia andamanica subsp. denudata (Benth.) N.P.Balakr. & Chakrab.
I do not have any reference for the same.



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