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Grevillea sp from Tirumala forest area (AP): 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (9)

Probably a hybrid of two grevillea sp. Honeygem (Grevillea banksii X Grevillea pteridifolia). I could not get the point clarified whether they are natural there are planted by forest dept
pls validate

Or it may be simply

Grevillea pteridifolia

v= Grevillea pteridifolia

Yes G. pteridifolia, more likely

I think it is v

but not very sure
TSPNOV2015-16:Images of Grevillea pteridifolia (Proteacea) : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)
It is my pleasure to share few images of Grevillea pteridifolia (Proteaceae)
Habit: Tall tree
Habitat: Cultivated.
Sighting: Channarayapatna, Hassan, Karnataka, about 800 msl 
Date: 24-12-2014 

very nice two cases of Grevillea. why are they cultivated that too on a hill or its slope?

The first one, G.pteridifolia is occassionally seen.

The second one G.robusta commonly called silver oak is extensively planted in the Malnad region of Karnataka as a shade plant in Coffee plantations. It is also a very popular Farm foerstry sp. Incidentally Chikmagalur happens to be the largest producer of silver oak wood in India… Wood in very great demand for packing cases and recently for veneers

Very beautiful pics …, this species is new for me…!!

Grevillea excelsior in FOI : 2 posts by 1 author.

Corrected now.



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