Different ways of Re-sizing pictures;

Resizing images for posting in efi group in Photos:
Recently I have been using Photos (Inbuilt in windows 10) for resizing very high res. images of upto 20 MB size. On selecting the highest 4 MP option in Resizing, large sized compressed images are created (to see the details for proper id and storage in efi site) in the range to around 500 KB. These are very good to check the details with very less size for mailing. In this you may not ask the member to post high res. images.
So I request members to choose this option, if possible, particularly for id requests.

Yes, this resize feature (you have to click on the three horizontal dots, seen at right, to see more options), is a very easy and good option for reducing the file size considerably.

Re-sizing all images at a time in Microsoft Office Picture Manager : 6 posts by 3 authors.

This will be very helpful to all:
To re-size in Microsoft Office Picture Manager, which is available in most Window based computers: Open your picture in Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Click on ‘Picture’ in the top at Menu Bar & Select ‘Resize’ under it & select say 800 by 600 pixels, Click on OK. Select File–> Save as, choose file name & click on save button. It is much reduced in size. If, it’s still more than 150 KB, it can be reduced within 150 Kb by selected width of say 700 pixels or less instead of 800 pixels. Similar procedure can be followed in other picture processing software.
To re-size all pictures in a folder at a time: Keep a copy of the folder (of which all pictures are to be re-sized) under My pictures folder. Open Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Select the desired folder from the left side Pan. Select all the pictures to be re-sized from the main Pan. Click on ‘Edit Pictures’ in the formatting bar at the top. Select on ‘Re-size’ in the right hand pan. Select size say 800 by 600 pixels. Click on OK at the bottom. Click on Save button.
Pl. also see a few relevant links here: /miscellanea/for-members-information/re-sizing-pictures

Thanks this is good idea otherwise it is boring to re size image for posting


How to Re-size in Microsoft Phot Editor?:


Program to batch process pictures: I remember seeing a post about some programs to batch process/reduce the pixels of pics to submit…

I thought it was … writing to … searched but cant seem to locate it…
and tried all other combinations I could think of, seems I am not writing the correct words…
cant find it
does any body have the url for it?
or the original writer tell me where to find it here within our group here?

I will try to locate the post you need, meanwhile you can download irfanview for editing / resizing / reducing and batch processing of images. the program is absolutely spyware / malware free (i am using it for years) and can be downloaded at – http://www.irfanview.com/

But this is not what I am alluding to… there was a thread of VoF i think where most likely DInesh ( or Satish may be) gave links for two programs on the net that can batch process a lot of pictures for resizing etc… I wanted those specific links or a link to that thread…
I already use the Windows …. media …. for looking at, sorting ans sizing and writing on the pics when i sub,it them here….

You can download the following file to your desktop. Then you can just drag and drop images on the icon of this file to make a smaller resized copy. You can even drag and drop a whole folder to resize all the files in it:

this was it and that was you!!
and I was thinking of wrong author!!!

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I am unable to resize pictures.
All this time, I was comfortable sending pictures thro’ Picasa to resize them.
But somehow it is showing an error if I send a mail.
And somehow I don’t have Microsoft Office Picture Manager in my laptop.
So till the problem gets resolved, I am unable to post new pictures.
Will try to rectify it.

Thanks, …, You can look at other solutions as available at Re-sizing pictures

After calling a technician, I am able to locate the Microsoft Office Picture Manager and have understood how to resize them.