Habit: Herb

Semi-evergreen forests
Southern Western Ghats (Endemic)
(From India Biodiversity Portal (Curcuma oligantha var. lutea)




Commelinales and Zingiberales Week :: Zingiberaceae :: Curcuma neilgherrensis: Observed in Kudremukh Karnataka May 2007 

–  These are not Curcuma neilgherrensis, since they dont have sterile bracts (coma) at the tip of the spike.
The white flowered one is Curcuma oligantha which has distribution only in northern Kerala and South Karnataka in India, also in Sri Lanka.

The yellow flowered one is its endemic variety: Curcuma oligantha var. lutea.


do you also have pictures of the root itself



The Plant List  India Biodiversity Portal (Curcuma oligantha var. lutea) India Biodiversity Portal (Curcuma oligantha) 

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