Heliconia latispatha Benth., Bot. Voy. Sulphur 170 1846. (Syn: Bihai latispatha (Benth.) Griggs; Heliconia aequatoriensis Loes.);

Common name: Golden Lobster Claw, Expanded lobsterclaw   

Images by Samir Mehta (Inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)






Commelinales & Zingiberales Week: Heliconiaceae, Heliconia latispatha Benth:  ..was lucky to stumble upon this flower..

Syn: Bihai latispatha (Benth.) Griggs
Syn: Heliconia aequatoriensis Loes.
Common name: Golden lobster claw, Expanded lobster claw
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Mumbai, Nov 2010.



Heliconia for ID : Mumbai : 050612 : AK-3: At Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai on 15/11/11.

Heliconia flowers erect and NOT hanging down.

Heliconia latispatha 

I recollect you had posted a similar one earlier on our group.
Was it taken at MNP?  

No; it was at a local park.



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