Flower from hampta..191110-PKA2: Sharing this flower photo from Hampta Pass region. This is the only
photograph available.

Date/Time: 27-09-2010 / 09:50AM
Location: On the way to Hampta Pass, (Altitude: approx. 11000 ft)
Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit: Herb

Ranunuculus, perhaps more photographs can help in placing the species. 

Can this be Ranunculus hirtellus ?

Ranunculus Week: Halerpestes sarmentosa: This plant lying unidentified at FOI website has been bothering me for a long time. Today I had a go at it, starting from the lead that plant has more than five petals, not typical of Ranunculus. I thought of taking help from eFlora website. Flora of Pakistan was not much help as it does not give any keys. I sifted through key in eFlora of China and narrowed down to two genera Halerpestes (5-10 petals) and Oxygraphis (13-15 petals), and finally to Halerpestes, and finally to H. sarmentosa (Adams) Kom. with rounded-reniform cordate leaves and crenate margins. The names is based on Ranunculus sarmentosus Adams.
KEW Plant list treats Halerpestes sarmentosa (Adams) Kom as accepted name, whereas the Revision of Indian Ranunculus cites Ranunculus sarmentosus Adams as synonym of R. cymbalariae, from which I think it is different in leaf shape and form.

After further discussion with …, this plant is after all not H. sarmentosa. The search for this illusive plant is on.

With flowers I dont mind calling that plant as Ranunculus cymbalariae, but leaves are pretty different. This is reported from Sikkim according to the reference. But as you say the number of petals. I imagine if I have any
other option. He does state that the species is highly variable. Leaf matches well with Ranunculus stewartii 



VOF Week: Small size Potentilla en-route Hemkund Sahib:  Seen this Small size Potentilla en-route Hemkund Sahib.

I think Ranunculus sp. Close up of flower and leaves should help





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