Trisetaria loeflingiana (L.) Paunero, Anales Jard. Bot. Madrid 9: 527 (1950) (syn: Arundo pygmaea Spreng.Avena cavanillesii W.D.J.Koch ; Avena gaudiana AmbrosiAvena gaudiniana BouvierAvena loeflingiana L.Avena valesiaca NymanHaeupleria cavanillesii G.H.LoosHaeupleria loeflingiana (L.) G.H.LoosLophochloa cavanillesii BorTrisetaria cavanillesii MaireTrisetum cavanillesii Trin. ;Trisetaria cavanillesii subsp. sabulosa Tzvelev; Trisetaria lapalmae H.Scholz ; Trisetaria loeflingiana subsp. sabulosa (Tzvelev) Tzvelev; Trisetum gaudinianum Boiss. ; Trisetaria lapalmae H.ScholzTrisetum hispanicum Pers.Trisetum loeflingianum (L.) P.Beauv.Trisetum loeflingianum var. cavanillesii O.Bolòs & Vigo ; Trisetum valesiacum Boiss. ex Nyman);
Canary Islands, Medit. to Central Asia and Indian Subcontinent: Afghanistan, Algeria, Canary Is., India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Lebanon-Syria, Libya, North Caucasus, Pakistan, South European Russi, Spain, Switzerland, Tadzhikistan, Transcaucasus, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, West Himalaya as per POWO;


Grass week: 091210GS1 a grass for ID from Kashmir:
A small grass, up to 30 cm tall, with spike-like infloresnce and tufted habit, but probably annual.
Photographed from Baramula, Kashmir in June, 2010, alt. 1600 m.

Koeleria sp.

– Can we think of it being any species of Polypogon?

The two pointed awn like lobes is characteristic of Trisetaria loefingiana (Lophochloa cavanellisi)


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