ID help please: An Asteraceae, to me, but was quite far off and in a locked campus…. just managed to shoot the flowers. Apologies for not including the leaves…

Patuli, Kolkata, India
20 feb 2011

Sonchus asper from Lohari Panipat:  Sonchus asper??
from Lohari Panipat

The more I see Sonchus species, more confused I get, especially after I uploaded what I thought true S. asper. The specimens with all type of auricles do show spiny leaves especially older plants.
  Could any member upload a really working key to differentiate S. asper and S. oleraceous?

I was trying to get differences between S asper, arvensis and oleraceous since last two-three days. What i got is the main differences is lying in their leaves as you indicated. I am now trying to collect more information
on this issue. if found any concrete thing, will share soon.

ID Assistance please: An Asteraceae, but the exact binomial eludes me
Kolkata, 17.04.2012.
A road side/ pondside weed.

Definitely a Sonchus sp. , leaves should be there to reach to sp. id…still a guess, this can be S. oleraceous..

Wild plant for ID : 290511 : AK-3: Is this wild plant also Sonchus?
Taken at Muscat, Oman on the 9th of Feb, 2007.

It may be Sonchus arvensis.

Wild Plant for ID : Oman : 031111 : AK-2: A small wild plant found on the 5th of March, 2010 at Muscat,Oman with yellow flowers.

Is this some Thistle?

Sonchus, but species can be identified only if leaves (base) are visible.

Will this picture help?
Taken on the same day, same place.

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A wild herb seen on 5/3/2010 in Muscat.

Had posted on our group earlier and was identified as Sonchus species. (Wild Plant for ID : Oman : 031111 : AK-2:)
For species confirmation please.

VOF Week: Asteraceae sp– at Joshimath: Asteraceae sp. seen near Joshimath.
Date/Time: 06-08-2012 / 11:30AM.

Leaves should help but perhaps Sonchus arvensis