Sobralia chrysostoma Dressler, Orchids 70: 750 2001. ?
Orchid from Costa Rica for ID — TB23022011:  I am posting some photos of an orchid that was recorded from Costa Rica. The photos were taken by one of friend who was on a hiking trip out there. Though this plant has nothing to do with Indian flora still I will kindly request for an identification of this orchid (if possible up to species level). I personally think this is some species of *Cattleya*.
Location: Pitilla Research Station, Guanacaste National park, Guanancaste Costa Rica.
Time: 3rd May 2007
Altitude: 600m
Ecosystem: Second growth wet rainforest.
– Those PLICATE bracts or leaves whatever they are, are very strange, usually found in terrestrial ones. But for sure this is an Epidendroideae very near to Cattleya, Guarianthe, Dendrobium.
– Sobralia chrysostoma Dressler, Orchids 70: 750 (2001). This is endemic to Costa Rica. As I said before, wikipedia says they grow more commonly as terrestrial, but are also found growing as epiphytes.
– I have doubt about your ID !!
– Hmmm… I imagine!! But I dont have much references to cross check now. But this seems perfectly fine to me. With 125 species of Sobralia, I may be wrong as you doubt.


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