ID request-02022011-PKA3:
I had seen this climbing shrub with Globuse fruit having prominent spike in the forest near Yana – Vibhuti water falls.
Date/Time: 20-01-2011 / 01:15PM
Location: On the way to Yana Rock temple from Vibhuti falls.
Habitat: Wild 

– Its strange and interesting. It could be even a gall. I haven’t seen this so I am not sure.

–  I discussed this with Dr .. (Associate Professor of Botany, Government Science College, Karwar) and here is his response..
*Those spinous fruit-like structures are insect galls, commonly seen on stems of Hopea spp. If you dissect them, you may find larvae inside.*
In fact i almost took it for granted that these are some fruits. Its something totally new to me.


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