Acorus calamus ?;


plant for ID060311AMS1: Local name bach grows in aquatic conditions 
–  It is possible, especially if it is bach (local name), the leaves are, however, slightly curved and broader in above plant. Also the aquatic  habit goes in favour of Acorus.
This is a very fragrant plant. Even while plucking a part of the plant for picture, you must have felt the fragrance If it was fragrant then it confirms it to be Acorus. Curves of leaves in young condition in this taxa is not a big deal and then the swollen midrib also point towards Acorus.
– i agreed absolutely with …, this is Acorus calamus
– Yes it is Acorus calamus
I am a little baffled…. how can one be soooo  sure of the species of an important medicinal plant… without either smell?  of the crushed leaf? or a cross section of the leaf, or best: the flowers and seedpods…
Just two small pictures can help IDENTIFY a plant?
To me these leaves could be from any of the flowering plants that can be started from a bulb…