Wahlenbergia marginata (Thunb.) A.DC., Monogr. Campan. 143 1830. (syn: Campanopsis androsacea var. polymorpha Kuntze; Campanopsis androsacea var. rigida Kuntze; Campanopsis marginata (Thunb.) Kuntze; Campanopsis marginata var. polymorpha Kuntze; Campanopsis marginata var. rigida Kuntze; Campanula agrestis Wall.; Campanula dehiscens Roxb.; Campanula indica (A.DC.) D.Dietr.; Campanula lavandulifolia Reinw. ex Blume; Campanula marginata Thunb.; Lightfootia gracilis var. lavandulifolia (Reinw. ex Blume) Miq.; Wahlenbergia agrestis (Wall.) A.DC.; Wahlenbergia bivalvis Merr.; Wahlenbergia dehiscens (Roxb.) A.DC.; Wahlenbergia gracilis var. misera Hemsl.; Wahlenbergia indica A.DC.; Wahlenbergia lavandulifolia (Reinw. ex Blume) A.DC.);
wall-en-BERG-ee-uh — named for Georg Goran Wahlenberg, Swedish professor of botany
mar-jen-AY-tuh or mar-jeh-NAH-tuh — margined Dave’s Botanary
commonly known as: southern rockbell • Marathi: केरडी kerdi
Native to: Asia, Australia, New Zealand

Photographed at Ooty, NIlgiris, TN on 24 Jan 2011

wall-en-BERG-ee-uh — named for Georg Goran Wahlenberg, Swedish professor of botany
mar-jen-AY-tuh or mar-jeh-NAH-tuh — margined  
Dave’s Botanary

Jan 14, 2012 … at Ratanwadi near Bhandardhara, Maharashtra
commonly known as: southern rockbell • Marathi: केरडी kerdi
Native to: Asia, Australia, New Zealand
References: Flowers of IndiaeFloraAlabama PlantsNPGS / GRINFlowers of Sahyadri by Shrikant Ingalhalikar
more views: Jan 14, 2012 … at Ratanwadi near Bhandardhara, Maharashtra


Wahlenbergia for identification 110812MK02:

Please help me to identify this Wahlenbergia species that is commonly seen in valparai roadsides and tea estates. The height of plant goes up to 20cm and leaves measures up to 8cm long. Flower measure 1cm across. I have no key to differentiate the species.
Date: 29 July 2012
Place: Valparai, TN

Alt.: 950 m asl

Looks like Wahlenbergia marginata

Many thanks for the identification. Is this a native herb?

DV :: 14JAN12 – 0923 :: tiny herb at Ratanwadi:  ID please.

Place: at Ratanwadi (~ 770 m / 2526 feet asl), near Bhandardara, Maharshtra.
Time: January 14, 2012 at 9.23am
Habit: decumbent herb, about 6″ high
Habitat: dried field
Flower size: about 10 mm across x 10 – 12 mm long

Looks like some Campanula

Wahlenbergia sp.

Wahlenbergia marginata

Many many thanks


Id05022013PHK1: Id Please
A small herb at Ratanwadi, Bhandardara
03 Feb,2013

… could be Wahlenbergia marginata (family Campanulaceae).

I second … Wahlenbergia marginata (Thunb.) A.DC. of Campanulaceae

Yes Wahlenbergia marginata
Side view shows the typical campanulate nature of the flower.


[Efloraofindia_230212PD01_wahlenbergia marginata_Flora of Odisha] : Attachments (1). 7 posts by 4 authors.
please find the fully open petals of a small herb, wahlenbergia marginata of Campanulaceae taken from Ranpur

Very good … Only thing I noticed is that the colour has become much darker than normal. Probably you intentionally made it.

Thanks a lot sir for the complement. Yes i did some background work. Also its a night shot and i have only kept the petals and stigma in focus and rest floral parts are removed just to see how best it can be represented. i wl definitely share the whole plant that was taken in day light.

This is real or art…. So nice Shot

…, this is real, only slight variation in colour of the petal due to some adjustment in light and clour. Thanks for liking.


Wahlenbergia marginata (Thunb.) DC. SN Mar 25 : Attachments (2). 1 post by 1 author.
Wahlenbergia marginata (Thunb.) DC, Fam; Companulaceae near Thalacavery, coorg, Karnataka,
Herb in fallow field along with Rotala sp, Epaltes, Leucas, Lindernia and Drosera

Campanulaceae and Gentianaceae Fortnight: July 1 to 14 SN 5 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3).
Wahlenbergia marginata (Thunb.) A.DC. a small herb from Bahamandala area of Coorg, Karnataka


Attached are pictures of Wahlembergia marginata. This was captured on the 9th Mile Meadows on the way to Pykara, Ooty in November 2013.

Requested to please validate the ID.

the plants uploaded are wahlembergia marginata

Yes it is Wahlenberghia marginata (Thunb.) A. DC , perennial herb, leaves linear, peduncle elongated, flowers blue


Jan2015sk20 Hooghly – UNKNOWN : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (6)

This is about 4 to 5 inches herb, found in an uncultivated field.

Wahlenbergia marginata, I think.

Thank you …, I did narrowly miss yesterday for its undivided two-in-one petal, attached here two more pics. Moreover its distribution in ‘Bengal Plants’ excludes this part of Bengal. But i do fully agree with you.
Attachments (2)

RUBIACEAE WEEK: Kohautiya gracilis : 10 posts by 7 authors. Attachments (2)

again from Satpura Tiger Reserve, M.P.

This herb is mostly found near water source.
I thik this is Kohautiya gracilis (Wall) DC. Prodr.

Please validate

To me it is not K.gracilis which has distinctly tetramerous flowers and opposite leaves.
Three stigmatic lobes and alternate leaves suggest Campanulaceae!

Sir, please check for Wahlenbergia marginata (Campanulaceae) as per eFI page.

Thanks, …, for Id. I think it matches with images of Wahlenbergia marginata (Campanulaceae) as per eFI page


Wahlenbergia marginata ?? at Munnar- PKA29 : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)

This herb was seen near “Top-Station, Munnar”.
Bot. name: Wahlenbergia marginata ?? (Please validate the ID)

Family: Campanulaceae,

May be. This is what we have in our site at /species/a—l/c/campanulaceae/wahlenbergia/wahlenbergia-marginata

ID of herb from Assam KD16 Jan 2015 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)
Attached images are unknown herb . Please ID the plant
Date :23.01.2015
Location: Assam
Family : ??
Genus & species : ??
Habitat: Grows wild on rice field
Habit : Small herb

This maybe Wahlenbergia marginata as have been identified by … in my post. But stigma here is not three cleft.

efi page on Wahlenbergia marginata

Looks close.

Yes it’s …


Wahlenbergia for id 140311MK1: Kindly help to id this herb found growing on the garden floor at a private house in Ooty, Nilgiris, TN. i suspect this plant belongs to Wahlenbergia of Campanulaceae.

Date/Time- 24-01-2011 / 12:30 PM
Location- Place, Altitude, GPca.2200asl; Ooty, TN
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- garden floor
Plant Habit-herb
Height/Length- 15 cm long
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- ca.15 cm longer
Inflorescence Type/ Size- single
Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts- c. 0.5 cm across