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Shankha Pushpa Tree: I found this very interesting since i have not come across a Shankha Pushpa tree before! The tree had long since finished blooming & i was lucky to catch just the last flower..:) – Pic taken in Lalbagh Botanical Garden,Bangalore on 12-12-2010 

– Beautiful photograph and very interesting tree, unknown to many.  Very useful contribution.

– The Bot.Id of this tree is Clitoria arborea-Family:Fabaceae.

– The shrub under the tree i think belongs to Convolvulaceae family? Here is the larger pic of the same.

– You are right. It is indeed Convolvulaceae.







Shankha Pushpa Tree – 240811 – RK: Clitoria arborea. Pics taken in Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore on
14/08/2011 around 9.30 am Have posted pictures of the same tree quite some time back – at the absolute end of the flowering season- last year.I think the flowering must have been at it’s peak late June-early July.I have seen this tree only in Lalbagh. 

In the climber variety i have seen several colours – brilliant blue [Gokarna], white,violet – this is the only tree i [ & others in my group ]have come across. So i do not know at all about Shankha Pushpa trees having flowers of any other colour. 

The board at the foot of the tree mentions it as Clitoria arborea. I have sent some pics of Clitoria ternatea [ climber ]taken in Thattekkad,Kerala on 7th – 9th Dec 2009 in this post. 

… this  is … Clitoria arborea …  this is a tree… Gokarna , Clitoria ternata , is a vine… big difference…. 

this is a tree…
one of many species in the Genus CLITORIA:  of family **** Fabaceae

Species of clitoria:
* C. amazonum –  *C. annua –  *  C. arborea – *  C. arborescens – * C. australis – * C. dendrina – *  C. fairchildiana –     *C. falcata – * C. fragrans –    *  C. guianensis –  *  C. heterophylla – * C. javitensis -*  C. laurifolia – *  C. linearis –         *  C. mariana –    *  C. mexicana – *  C. nana – * C. sagotii – *  C. stipularis – *   C. ternatea
The clitoria trees I have seen are : C. arborea and c. fairchildiana…. both are native of South AMerica… horticulturists have introduced them to other tropical areas…

there is a big …BIG… difference…. this is a tree….  C. arborea … planted sometimes as an avenue tree…

While C. ternata is a vine… perennial vine , yet a vine none the less…. needs a support to grow even after 10 – 20 years of growth and thickish woody stem….


281011-MS – 66- Fabaceae week – Clitorea arborea: Clitorea arborea. Photos taken on 5.8.2011. Lalbagh

Nice plant … Appears to be non native…

Many thanks …, for showing tree of butterfly pea.



Request Tree ID 091 – lalbagh, Bangalore – RA: This should be of Clitoria arborea (Fabaceae/Leguminosae).
Nice pictures!

… yes, the tree clitoria…
last year … showed us one from Lalbagh, it also had a tree label…
the base of the tree here in 2011 pic may be the same tree sans the label.. efi thread
also a year older… and nearby seems to have a small clump of bamboos?? in both

They have removed the board and a scurity guard is standing there to whistle, if anybody comes closer.

gee gosh !!!! shades of Kol Bot G in Bangalore too?
only in India… do trees need protection from the marauding people… I feel very sorry for the trees and flowers… people have no respect for the greenery, they would pluck flowers fruits in streets from private gardens and botanical gardens !! shame on us…
WE NEED TO EDUCATE PEOPLE about the sanctity of gardens and the study potentials of trees and fruits…
I try locally but people pluck flowers in name of God, Puja offering, think they are immune from the effects of the sins of stealing what is not theirs… and dont think anything of plucking all flowers // tearing a tree apart…… some flowering trees in my neighborhood have “forgotten” to develop fruits and pollinators do not visit these anymore…
And so I dont blame the authorities of the botanical gardens in India



Clitoria arborea : Butterfly Pea Tree : Lalbagh,Bangalore : AK: Sharing pictures of Clitoria arborea, Butterfly Pea Tree seen in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore.

Due to very heavy showers, could not take good pictures although I took shelter under the same tree.
Pictures taken on 24 & 25 July,12.



Clitoria arborea Benth. SN Aug 54 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2).  

Clitoria arborea Benth. Cultivated tree in a Garden at Bangalore



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