Unidentified species;

# Flora of Uttarakhand- Herb132 for Id- JM:


Wild Herb captured on 13/8/10 during the trek from Ghangaria (around 11,000 ft.) to Hemkunt Sahib (around 14000 ft.). Interesting leaves. Only this picture- I got it from images of some other plant.
-At least three different species, all in vegetative condition.


# Please identify this Climber – NS 7:


Photographed at my farm at Shahapur on Sunday. Please identify this climber. It was hidden in the thick foliage of one of my large Mahua [Madhuca indica] trees, but attention was drawn to it because of the Squirrel’s Drey in close proximity [Photograph 1].

-The pictures are not very clear, but I think this is a strangler.. Shall send the pictures of similar strangler from our place in Wayanad, in Kerala.


# identification no161110sn2:


kindly identify the grass
Location:above lonavala,mulshi, pune
Plant habit-tree/shrub/climber/herb:grass
Height/length: about 2-3 ft.
Other information-fragrance/pollinator uses etc.green colour, with white tips
–  It is difficut to identify this species, Again and again some of our friends send photos which cannot be used
for identification. close up of spikelets are very important for identification of grasses. a general photo, with some close up of flower, fruits, and leaves are very much important.


# Grass week : AR 03:


Kunthipuzha river

Silent valley
24 Nov 2007


# Grass Week- Bamboo from Andaman2-ID pl:


Attaching herewith a few photographs of a bamboo for ID plz. Locality: Kalapong dam site, Middle Andaman

Date: December, 2009


# Grass Week : AR12 Tall-grasses from hilltops:


Sorry for the picture quality, just curious to know the grass kinds in this hilly habitat.

Height : 4-6 feet Approx.,
Habitat : hill top, grasslands, shola,
Date: December 25, 2007
Time : Between 17:15 and 18.00
Location: Muthodi- Mullaiyanagiri  hills
Western Ghats, Chikka magalur district


# id. no260111sn3:


Which grass is this
plant habit:Grass
height:about 2ft.
other info:my dogs prefered to eat only this grass and then vomitted to clean

–  It is impossible to identify a grass without inflorescence.


# identification no270111sn3:


kindly id. this Grass.

– Difficult to correctly identify the grass form distant picture.. need some close up photos of infloresence for Correct Identification.


# id-aquatic plant:


Id pl. of the aquatic plant.seen in fresh water pond during mansoon.

– This could be some Rotala.

– Callitriche?


# Grass Week : AR13 Tall-grasses from hilltops:


Height : 6-8 feet approx.,
Habitat : hill top, grasslands, shola,
Date: December 25, 2007
Time : between 17:15 and 18.00
Location: Muthodi- Mullaiyanagiri  hills
Western Ghats, Chikka magalur district


#  Galactagogue herb: Here is recently uploaded video on Galactagogue herb from Chhattisgarh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWsCRb5yrlI


#  Id of aquatic plant.: Ld pl of the aquatic plant in a fresh water plant during mansoon rains.

– Could this be some Rotala?



# hi:


any body plz ..want to know botanical name of these plants

– Kindly send different plants in separate mails. Also send details about each plant as per prescribed format.


#Request for ID : 240111 : AK-1:


Taken at Nairobi,Kenya in January,2009. The tree has leaves that resemble Cassia…but the flowers are different.
– Not P. juliflora atleast. The leaves are much different.
– In general, Combretaceae is characterized with simple leaves. No species of family combretaceae posses compound leaf.


# Climber for ID_21:


Date: 09-01-2011 / Ele:180 m

Location- Kokrajhar,Assam
Habitat- Wild
Plant Habit-  Climber
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- very large(12X8cm) , (Infl seen only in the areas
of tender leave or no leaves)
Inflorescence Type/ Size- as seen in photo
Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts-Yellow, as seen in photo (4-5cm)
Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds- not found


#  dkb-67:


Name of species- dkb-67
Photo taken on- 23.7.2009
It is a Fleshy leaf plant..
At- Kotputli(Jaipur)
– Possibly a shoot tip of Agathis robusta or other Agathis sp?  (Araucariaceae). Any shots of the entire plant?
– Very doubtful about this ID. I would suggest something like Clusiaceae or Rubiaceae. I have a young Agathis in my office and the shoots and leaves are not really similar. Even if my plant is an A.australis the branching would be similar.
– This doesn’t look like Agathis. Please consider 2 of my guesses…. for further evaluation
One is, Lorathacean member?
the other one is, Memecylon sp?


# plant for ID 050311AMS2



# Kindly identify this plant:


Try and notice the red flowers on the hanging stems.

– The creeping willow has now become Wisteria like? It would help you, if you take original photograph, resize it to aproximately 150 kb

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