Lindenbergia macrostachya (Benth.) Benth., Scroph. Ind. 22 1835. (syn: Adenosma cuspidatum Benth.; Lindenbergia siamensis Miq. ex Hook. fil.; Stemodia macrostachya Benth.); 
India, Pakistan (Hazara, Pakistani Punjab, Rawalpindi), Jammu & Kashmir
(Jammu, Kashmir)
as per Catalogue of Life




Lindenbergia macrostachya from Morni hills, Haryana for confirmation I have a feeling that this is the same plant which is represented at FOI as Lindenbergia grandiflora. L. grandiflora is supposed to be a plant much more densely and spreading hairy with flowers almost 2.5-3 cm long with corolla 2-3 times as long as calyx, and also leaves may be up to 20 cm long. In our plants the plants are appressed hairy to almost glabrous, leaves smaller than 6 am and corolla 10-12 mm long, tube slightly longer than calyx.
     There is some confusion whether our plant should be called as L. macrostachya Benth. (Kew Plant List considers it as unresolved name) or L. philippensis Benth. which is reported from Nepal Himalayas but without citation of synonym. Flora of British India considers this as a variety of L. philippensis with shorter petioles and more glabrous parts.

    My photograph number 4 looks to be the same but has much interrupted inflorescence with distant flowers, or may represent early stage of the same plant. Your view please.

Here is link for comparison with L. grandiflora…

This is indeed Lindenbergia mactrostachya. Quite common in Morni Hills area. I hope you have  posted the photograph from the same area.

Scrophulariaceae of the Western Himalayas By Francis . Pennell (2007- Description & Keys- grandiflora, macrostachya & ruderalis) mentions Lindenbergia macrostachya (Benth.) Benth., Scroph. Ind. 22 1835. (syn: Stemodia macrostachya Benth.).
Hope this helps.

It is Linderbergia macrostchya  

Lindenbergia macrostachya (Benth.) Benth., Scroph. Ind. 22 1835. (syn: Stemodia macrostachya Benth.).

Photographed from Morni Hills Haryana 


Scrophulariaceae Fortnight: Lindenbergia macrostachya from Panipat-NS 3 : Attachments (6). 2 posts by 1 author. This erect and robust herb was shot from Yamuna river in Panipat and from Morni Hills..

I hope this should be Lindenbergia macrostachya Benth.

Wanted to add, this is now included in Orobanchaceae, formerly in Scrophulariaceae





Lindenbergia macrostachya Benth. ?? : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (8)

Location: Beni, Nepal
Date: 12 April  2017
Altitude: 3000 ft.

I also think matches with images at Lindenbergia macrostachya



Lindenbergia philippensis, photographed from Morni Hills, Haryana. Pl. validate.

It also occur in Pantnagar and becomes quite robust reaching up to 4 feet tall in the cracks of roofs, walls. I have also placed it in L. philippensis, but doubtfully.

It is Linderbergia grandiflora

In my comments I mentioned that I have placed it in L.phillipensis ‘doubtfully’. It was so because I was not sure before this post of … Now I am sure my plant is L.phillipensis. There is no doubt about the identity of plant posted by …

In Lindenbergia philippensis, Inflorescences terminal, spicate-racemose, dense as per Flora of China and GBIF