Uncarina grandidieri (Baill.) Stapf , Nat. Pflanzenfam. 4, 3b: 261 261 1895. (Syn: Harpagophytum dimidiatum Baill.; Harpagophytum grandidieri Baill.; Uncaria grandidieri (Baill.) Kuntze; Uncarina didierii Stapf);  
Madagascar as per Catalogue of life;
Common name: Mouse Trap Tree, Burger’s Onion, Succulent Sesame



13042011GS1 tree for ID from Panchkula: The tree about 4 m tall was growing in Panchkula Cactus garden, leaves palmately lobed, hairy especially beneath, about 8-12 cm broad, cordate; flowers yellow with purplish brown eye, reminding of Thunbergia flowers about 4-5 cm across, but the calyx has 5 linear teeth. Photographed on April
9, 2011. 

–  its a plant colloquially called the Sesame tree.  Its a member of family Pedaliacae, to be specific its name is
Uncarina grandidieri …. originally from Madagascar… found in many sun-rooms in homes and hothouses in NY often grown in the same sort of climate control as various cacti, so your finding it in a cactus garden in North India seems very appropriate.

– You are on spot. Yes it is Uncarina grandidieri, also known as succulent

– Unfortunately not, only photographs of twigs. There were two three tree almost 12-15  feet  tall with spreading crown.

– …the name Sesame tree always intrigued me … never having seen fruits develop on these trees where they grow, being inside hothouses, there aren’t natural pollinators available I guess…. so it would be interesting to find out what happens in Panchkula where its growing in open air.



Tree for ID : Delhi : 091212 : AK-1: A small, cultivated tree seen in one of the gardens in Delhi on the 6th of Dec,12 with bright yellow flowers.

Height of tree was 7-8 feet.
Can our experts help me with the id please?
I am seeing this tree for the first time and eager to know its name.

Most probably an Uncarina species, may be U. grandidieriPedaliaceae..

On searching, it does look like Uncarina species in Daves Garden.
Could it be Uncarina turicana?

Uncarina grandidieri, we had photographed this from Cactus garden, Panchkula.

Thanks for confirming the id.


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